Returning: Glee, NCIS, House.

And more on TEN's plans for The Biggest Loser.

More new timeslots from TEN:

Monday January 31
7:30pm Glee. New episode. “Special Education”
8:30pm Undercover Boss (USA). New episode.
9:30pm GNW: Melb Int Great Debate 2008 rpt

Tuesday February 1
7:30pm Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. rpt
8:30pm NCIS. New episode. “Broken Arrow.”

Wednesday February 2
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:30pm Blue Bloods. Season Premiere.
9:30pm House. New episode. “Larger Than Life.”

Thursday February 3
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:30pm The Good Wife. “Nine Hours.”
9:30pm Law and Order: SVU “Behave”

Friday February 4
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:30pm TBA
10:30pm Outrageous Fortune finale

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  1. I too can’t believe Outragous Fortune is ending on Friday 4th February. Mainly because there are five episodes left! There is one on tonight then nothing between that and the 4th. What’s happened to the other three episodes. Are 10 just going to not show them? Does anyone know more about what’s going on?

  2. @Jeremy

    Biggest Loser promos state 4 nights a week in 2011. So looks like:
    6:30 Sun
    7:30 Wed
    7:30 Thurs
    7:30 Fri

    Wonder if Bondi Rescue will be moving nights (usually comes off the back of a 30 min ep after the introduction week or three)

  3. @Dave: sounds logical, so I mosied on across to that font of all knowledge, Wikipedia and it cites this: thefutoncritic.com/listings/20110118fox17/

    “Another All-New Episode of Glee Airs This Tuesday, February 8 at 8/7c ”

    Which seems to be pulled from an advanced guide press release.

  4. I loved outrageous fortune and found it a good replacement for the Cleveland Show and gave Shameless/Skins over at SBS a good run for the money.I am hoping it comes back later in the year

  5. Ten feeling much older this year for some reason, with all that CBS content.
    NCIS, Blue Bloods, Good Wife and Law & Older all much more 25-54 and even 55+ than Ten’s traditional 16-39

    Even Hawaii 50 skews pretty old in the US

    With the news expansion – Ten will def be an older network this year

  6. @ Davis,

    If you think that Fox is going to show a new episode of Glee on February 8th, your crazy. Firstly there has been no indication by Fox in the US that they would and it would make common sense to repeat the Super bowl episode in it’s regular timeslot, because despite the Superbowl leadout program typically doing Huge ratings it won’t be watched by it’s “core audience” due to it airing at 11pm or even later on the East.

  7. its not hard to be a Tv programmer… why the heck show the xmas special in Feb…idiots… thats why people do the download thing… the sooner the “programmers” learn this the better…. all three networks…

  8. Gee, so it will be a Glee Christmas in February! Why not let the final two episodes before the two month break be on in December, so the Super Bowl episode is airing hot off the satellite and the Christmas episode screened before Christmas! And David, since The Biggest Loser is on Wednesday to Friday, is it going to be on weeknights like past seasons, or three days of Biggest Loser on TV is just for the week?

  9. Qubec – not quite: on this schedule, TEN will air the the Glee Christmas episode on 7 February (2×10). However about six hours earlier, FOX will air a new episode as the Superbowl leadout (2×11). There will then be a regularly-scheduled episode on 8 February (2×12).

    So TEN will end up 12 days behind.

    This is probably more manageable from a promotional point of view – they seemed to have trouble getting material for promos when they were showing same day.

  10. Sorry Ten. I’ve already watched Glee. Don’t know why Ten didn’t just finish off the last 2 episodes of Glee. The Christmas episode will now air here in February, and we’ll now be a few weeks behind again when they could have been 1 day late cos the show starts back Feb 6.

  11. Great, so now Glee will be a week behind America! It was bad enough when they stopped two episodes short, now we’ll be on catch up. Why fast track if your just going to do it depending on when whether ratings are active or not…

  12. Not too bad a schedule. Ten is supporting newer shows like Blue Bloods and the Good Wife with established fare like SVU and House.

    I wonder what they’ll air after NCIS on Tuesdays? Maybe season 3 of Lie to Me?

  13. I can’t believe the Outrageous Fortune finale is just around the corner!!!

    I’m not happy about Channel Ten airing 5 eps a week, but at least they finished what they started.

    I’m looking forward to see how things resolve. Last episode ever!!!

  14. I’ll be watching Glee on Mondays, NCIS on Tuesdays, The Good Wife and Law & Order SVU on Thursdays.
    I’ll also check out Blue Bloods on Wednesday.
    The rest has absolutely no interest for me, but I don’t imagine that many other channels will offer me as many as 4 or 5 good shows to watch each week!

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