Returning: Paul Murray Live, Hadley!

SKY News talk hosts return to screen from Monday night.

Paul Murray Live resumes at 9pm AEDT.

Join Paul Murray and his team as they take an alternative look at the days news. They also bring you one or two stories you may have missed.

Meanwhile Hadley! featuring Ray Hadley is back at 8:15pm on Tuesday February 1st.



    Re your comments on Tony Abbotts speech today – Rubbish- I am yet to hear you or any other Sky Personality criticise Julia Gillard when she makes nasty, untrue statements in Parliament especially in referring to Tony Abbott.

  2. It would be a great step forward if the media and more particularly your show finally understood the difference between refugees arriving by boats and individuals who illegally stay in Australia and breach their visa.

    The former receives a visa the latter is an illegal immigrant and rarely (almost never), allowed to stay when located.
    The former is supported by our welfare system, the latter is not.
    The former once processed, gains legal status in Australia, the latter is not.

  3. I feel a bit lame with all the important events happening in the world at this time but some one needs to whisper in Julias ear that we have Koalas in Australia ,not Koala Bears as she told a child as she gave a soft toy in Japan recently,as seen on SKY the show!

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