Rizzoli & Isles update

Plans for a new episode of US crime show Rizzoli & Isles tonight on GEM were amended yesterday when Nine put a rerun of The Closer in its place.

The Closer pilot episode will rerun at 10:30pm, following an earlier episode at 9:30pm.

TV Tonight understands the show will return in a few weeks’ time, likely to a 9:30pm slot later in the week.


  1. Just as I was getting into it, I enjoyed last weeks ep. Go! did the right thing for me on one show finally Drop Dead Diva now I will have to start hassling GEM haha..

  2. Nooooooo! Why!

    Why can’t GEM just show the 10 eps they have?
    I just clued in a gf to watch this who missed it the first time round.
    We both liked Womens Murder Club & the 2 leads in this.

  3. treated right this show could of been a solid 9.30pm performer but because of nines inept handling it would probably disappear people are creatures of habit they like a show to stay in the one place

  4. There were only 10 eps int eh short first (and only so far) season, surly they can find 1 hour a week to air them? With 3 channels running 24/7 that over 500 hours of TV a week to fill.

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