TEN hints at more drama

From today Neighbours airs exclusively on ELEVEN, creating an unusual situation for TEN’s Drama quota.

Until now the government has not amended its regulations for local drama points. Drama series on multichannels do not yet attract points towards their annual quota.

The three networks are required to reach 250 points for first release Australian drama, a complex formula made up of different points awarded for Telemovies, Miniseries, Feature Films, Series, and Serials.

In the case of TEN it has two returning dramas: 13 episodes of Rush and 13 episodes of Offspring.

New drama series Inside Out, inspired by the success of Prisoner, is yet to go into production.

But TEN chief Programming Officer David Mott told TV Tonight that while Neighbours may not attract drama points on ELEVEN there had been considerable planning -and hinted at new titles to be announced soon.

“We haven’t put Neighbours on ELEVEN and thought ‘Now what are we going to do?’ We have a very clear strategy in place and all will be revealed as the year rolls out,” he said.

“I can absolutely say we will completely meet all our obligations.”

Neighbours was going to belong on ELEVEN whether the government gave us any comfort on the multichannels and clearly they haven’t for 2011, but that hasn’t changed our view.”

Mott says TEN will announce more news about its 2011 drama slate in coming weeks.

“You’re going to hear about a number of projects coming through that are currently in development.”


  1. I don’t understand the comment from Judge Dread (except for the last word lol)
    Judge TEN haven’t stopped producing Neighbours… which means those ‘technicians’ are still in the same work they were in during 2010.
    It’s interesting how everyone is slamming TEN for this when really it’s the government you should be slamming for not allowing multichannel content to count!!
    They are real channels people and very shortly will be accessible by everyone in the country!! Good on TEN for trying to make a Channel… not a subsidiary.

  2. Definitely need more proper scripted comedy on Ten. Ten have struck gold by roping in Shaun Micallef as a network personality, and he mentioned at a book reading that he has plenty of ideas. Ten would be insane to not give him a green light to pursue his own projects

  3. how will Ch TIN meet drama quotas ? …easy…buy more cheap crap TV from NZ as they have been doing for the last 5 years…putting more local technicians out of work.

  4. According to TV Central podcast…Daivd Mott said that Inside Out is still in development. That means there hasn’t been a pilot and there is no cast attached yet. So it’s definitely a second half option.

  5. i really want a new aussie comedy.
    either in vain of The Office/30 Rock ish or new sitcom whatever, i miss good aussie comedy that isnt used only for bad variety e.g. Hey Hey or Ben Elton (i know Elton hasnt started yet but i dont see that working haha)

    but 10 would be a good place for a new comedy, go 10 go!

  6. Hopefully they won’t be creating any more drama of the type they have been for the last decade and a half or so, but rather the type they were creating before that.

  7. They’re called Outrageous Fortune and Go Girls. Expect to see Ten slide NZ content into their 10.30pm timeslots more often. Nasty practice allowing such content to fall in line as Australian under the current rules.

  8. Looking forward to Inside Out, must be their best drama in years, if it’s anything like Prisoner it should be a success. Hopefully they will look to Prisoner for inspiration.

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