The Trophy Room: Jan 5

This week on The Trophy Room a contingent of England’s Barmy Army will be on hand to rub salt into the wounds of Australia’s Ashes debacle.

Joining Peter Helliar, Adam Spencer and Amanda Shalala are:

Jacqui Cooper – Aerial ski jump champion.
Stephen Brenkley – English cricket journo.
Brendon Jones – Radio host.
Lewis Hobba – former Hungry Beast comedian.

It airs Wednesday, January 5th at 8.30pm on ABC1.


  1. I’m enjoying this show. The different games keep the show varied and interesting, the guests have plenty to do and say, they’re enjoying themselves, and I think the touch reflex game that all the guests go through very innovative. It’s like the “guest in a moderately priced car” segment in Top Gear, and it’s really interesting to see that the comedians topping the athletes on the roll of honour.

    Importantly, the questions aren’t too hard, if you’re a moderate sports fan and up to date with the latest sports news, you can answer most questions. I really look forward to this show every week.

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