Tim Minchin on Conan

Eclectic Aussie cabaret artiste Tim Minchin will appear on Conan this week, and here are some other late night guests.

It’s a pretty good time for catching US talk show hosts on Free to Air telly right now and Conan returns to GEM this week.

He returns at 12:15am Thursday (that’s Wednesday night if you prefer).

Eclectic Aussie cabaret artiste Tim Minchin will appear on Friday night.

The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson begins today at 11am and is repeated at 10:30pm followed by a new ep at 11:30pm on ELEVEN.

Here’s a line-up of this week’s guests, check local guides for times.

Wed: Adam Sandler, Donald Glover, Guster
Thu: Javier Bardem, Rashida Jones, Steel Train
Fri: Denis Leary, Ice Cube, Tim Minchin
Sat: Ricky Gervais, Kaitlin Olson, Cheap Trick

Tue: Roseanne Barr, Joe Theismann
Wed: Paula Abdul, Dave Attell
Thu: David Duchovny, Jo Frost
Fri: Denis Leary, Kathleen Madigan

Tue: Bill Cosby, a Top Ten List presented by Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, the Black Keys
Wed: Vince Vaughn, Mike Wolfe & Frank Fritz, Cage the Elephant
Thu: Kevin James, Olivia Munn, Blake Shelton
Fri: Gregg Allman

Late Night TV Page is a good place to track upcoming guests.

8 Responses

  1. Why is the 9 Network treating Conan like crap. I can understand it being on a 11pm but any later and it becomes a joke. If they dont want to give it a decent time slot then on sell the rights to 7 or sbs even. Once again Nine shifting, chopping and changing shows around and its pissing me off, just like it is pi**ing other viewers of the show off.

  2. @ Jack. Seems strange that Ten can get Letterman by Tuesday, but Gem can’t get Conan. Perhaps TBS is the issue.

    Even given this, showing Conan at 11pm or 11.30pm would be appropriate. Showing after midnight is never going to get viewers to wait up.

  3. Gem has wasted having Conan. Starting after midnight is too late for a show that they feature prominently in promos.

    And what’s with Wednesday – Saturday airing? At least do Tuesday – Friday, and from 11pm, or even 11.30pm.

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