TV Tonight Awards: Cops LAC “Worst” of 2010

Readers have voted Nine's axed police drama as the year's worst show. But who are the personalities that are a turn-off?

Cops L.A.C. was the worst Australian show of 2010 according to TV Tonight readers.

The drama was voted the worst of the year by a landslide vote, with Kate Ritchie also polling strongly in the Worst Female category (in contrast to her winning the Favourite Female award in the 2007 awards).

But ultimately it was Melissa Doyle who took out that category for the third year in a row.

Meanwhile Kyle Sandilands, who was voted Worst Male in 2008 for Big Brother, has now taken the title again for his work on The X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent. But it was a fight with Eddie McGuire who was again voted Most Overexposed Performer.

US zombie series The Walking Dead is the show readers most want to watch. Who is going to pick this show up, please?

Here are the final results of the 2010 Awards:

* denotes runaway winner
/ denotes Tie.
(2009: winner of last year’s award)

Eddie McGuire

Kyle Sandilands, Grant Denyer, Shane Warne, Daryl Somers.
(2009: Eddie McGuire)

Kyle Sandilands

Eddie McGuire, David Koch, Daryl Somers, Shane Warne.
(2009: Eddie McGuire)

Melissa Doyle

Carrie Bickmore, Kate Ritchie, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Tracy Grimshaw.
(2009: Melissa Doyle)

Cops LAC*

Hey Hey it’s Saturday, The X Factor, Warnie, Packed to the Rafters.
(2009: The Spearman Experiment)

Two and a Half Men*

The Event, Glee, Cougar Town, Jersey Shore / Raising Hope.
(2009: Dance Your Ass Off)

The Walking Dead

Boardwalk Empire, Mike and Molly, S*** My Dad Says, Hawaii Five-0 / The X Factor UK
(2009: Modern Family)


Oprah in Oz, The Hey Dad Scandal, MasterChef dominates the ratings / The end of Lost / Sarah Murdoch’s Next Top Model fiasco.
(2009: MasterChef becomes a hit)

Showcase, Arena, Lifestyle, FOX Sports.
(2009: FOX8)


7mate, ABC2, 7TWO, ABC News 24.
(2009: GO!)

Seven, ABC, Nine, SBS.
(2009: TEN)

In the category of International Show We Need to See Here a number of readers voted for shows that were on Pay TV but not on Free to Air (ie True Blood), but as they already air in Australia the votes were discounted.

FOX8 is yet to lose the Best Subscription Channel across the four years of voting.

Other winners were listed in TV Tonight Awards: Good Year for Drama.

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  1. @Lana – I can’t speak for all the 2.5 Spam haters out there but I used to watch it. Then Nine beat it to death, first with their endless repeats (watch a show tagged as an “adults only” special one week, see it on again at 7:30 the next week) and second by using it as a universal gap-filler including on their digital channels. Then after they killed it for anybody with a memory and the ability to change the channel, Nine continues to thrash it’s lifeless corpse. If you’ve been reading this blog’s comments of the past year, you’ll see that it’s basically a running-joke now.

    However, I agree, that’s not the fault of the show itself and it is way, way better than Cops L.A.C. whose only redeeming feature was that it provided employment to some Australians.

  2. Cannot believe 21/2 men rated amongst the worst shows on TV.Must have been voted by young viewers who do not realise how well written that show is and how funny it is.Put it up with the cleverly written Mash and Dick van Dyke shows of yesterday.Clever humour is few and far between these days.As for Hey Hey it is the most refreshing show on TV where one can sit back and enjoy some good wholesome fun and have the occasional belly laugh so often missing from the humour these days.I put my support of Hey Hey as one of the better shows on TV!!

  3. Was it made clear during the voting that shows already on pay would be discounted? I don’t recall it being made clear and I think my vote was for such a program.

    That said, I forgot about the walking dead and do agree it needs to be on tv asap.

  4. I was surprised that Ten got the Best FTA Network Award. Probably because they didnt irritate the viewer as much as the others. ie Nine promising shows and not delivering on them and the resheduling that bites. Not surprised with FOX 8 winning again they normally have the best content. surprised FOX SPORTS has never won that award for best Subscription Channel, just goes to show that its pointless giving any sport to pay tv but thats another battle for another day.

  5. I love Melissa Doyle. She is funny, beautiful and sensitive and she makes me feel good about myself whenever I am watching her. Each to their own I guess.
    I Love Raising Hope. Just for half an hour a day I can zone out, have a few laugh our loud moments then go back to the real world.
    Next year I will have to remember to vote….

  6. While Eddie has not hosted a lot of shows, a quick search of the TVTonight archive shows that Eddie has featured a lot in 2010, whether it be for announcement of his involvement new shows (which are, albeit, yet to air) or other reasons, which may expain the vote for overexposed personality.

  7. @andrew, there was the winter olympics, Who wants to be a millionaire specials and lights, camers, party as well as lots of appearances on a current affair and the footy show. i also think people voted for him because at the time voting started it was announced he is now also hosting This is Your Life and Million Dollar Money Drop.

  8. I don’t quite understand the “worst” vote for Melissa Doyle. I think she’s fine and not worthy of such a vote, certainly not to take out that category.

    And I think people just vote Eddie as “overexposed” by default these days, because really this was one year we haven’t seen as much of him. Apart from Millionaire Hot Seat (which is out of prime time) and the one-off IQ Test what else is there.

  9. Wow how does packed to the rafters get in the worst shows and even though I dont watch 2.5 men and cant stand charlie sheen even I would disagree with it being the worst show.

    As for melissa Doyle in the worst female thats a bit harsh. Mel is one of the nicest and best people on tv. Those female names in there are all strong women and surely there are worse females out there. The male is obvious. Kyle will always win it.

  10. Well obviously the Most Underrated and Most Overexposed categories are meaningless. I really can’t see how Daryl Somers or Shane Warne are overexposed (both hosting one show), or how Shaun Micallef is [still] underrated. What I’m trying to say is you might as well change the category names to ‘Favourite’ and ‘Least Favourite’ and the results would be no different.

  11. I find it very interesting that the majority of ‘winners’ of the all the worst categories come from channels 7 & 9.

    I agree that 10 viewers are probably not as well represented in the ratings game. (though I hope to rectify that slightly with my ratings box. By the way, I was told by the ratings people that they are quite desperate for participants in the 18 – 49 demo (I am 30)).

    PS – Raising Hope is great! Nowhere near a worst effort.

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