ABC to broadcast Keneally / O’Farrell debate

The ABC will host a NSW leaders debate on ABC1 in NSW and nationally via ABC News 24.

The ABC will host a live one-hour televised debate between the NSW Premier Kristina Keneally and Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell on ABC1 in NSW and nationally via ABC News 24.

Hosted by Quentin Dempster the debate will be broadcast on the ABC’s new 7.30 program at 7.30pm on Friday, March 18th.

Director of News Kate Torney said, “I am delighted that we can facilitate this major engagement for New South Wales electors in prime time.”

The announcement follows disagreement over the dates a debate should be held. Premier Keneally originally offered February 11 while Mr O’Farrell preferred February 25 and March 4.

Quentin Dempster said, “I am delighted that both leaders have now accepted our suggestion to engage with voters at the very time they are thinking about their decisions. With the polls indicating there may be a change of government in New South Wales the debate promises to be dynamic, informative and intense. It will cover the economy, transport, planning, health, education, the environment, law and order, service delivery and governance.”

The state election takes place on March 26th.

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  1. There are 3 major parties: Labor, Liberals and Greens. All 3 should be represented. The Greens will put the other two on the spot nicely and lift the debate above the humdrum. The ABC will increase its viewers too.

  2. Tim, most political parties don’t want their debates viewed by a wide audience. That’s why in the last federal election we only saw one formal debate (during MasterChef) & one informal ‘debate’ (held separately) originally slated to only air on Pay TV.

    During this NSW election, the first debate these two had ran during the afternoon on a weekday. Compared, Friday night seems like a step up.

  3. This will be the first election I will be voting informal, niether are worth voting for. Time state governments were abolished. Canberra controls the money anyway, has done so since 1930, so we really have no need anymore for these colonial relics that should be long gone the way of steam trains, convict prisons, telegraph communication, wooden sailing ships and horse and buggy transport and fade into history.

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