Academy Awards: Guide

On Monday Australian viewers will be able to watch the Academy Awards live on both Nine and StarPics right around the country.

And the Oscar goes to….

On Monday Australian viewers will once again be able to watch the Academy Awards live on air. The ceremony begins 12:30pm AEDT and airs live right around the country on both Nine and StarPics.

Please note TV Tonight will be filing relevant Oscars stories live.

Venue: Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California.
Hosts: James Franco and Anne Hathaway

Monday February 28 (all times are AEDT, but live in all states).
6am E!: Countdown to the Red Carpet: The 2011 Academy Awards
10am E: Live from the Red Carpet: The 2011 Academy Awards. Hosts Ryan Seacrest, Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne.
10am StarPics / StarPics HD: On the Red Carpet: Arrivals
11am StarPics / StarPics HD: Oscars Red Carpet Live
12pm Nine: 83rd Academy Awards. (incl. 30 mins Red Carpet Arrivals + 210 mins ceremony)
12:30pm StarPics / StarPics HD: 83rd Academy Awards
4:00pm E!: After Party: The 2011 Academy Awards

9:40pm Nine: 83rd Academy Awards (edited highlights: 170 mins)
10:45pm StarPics / StarPics HD: Oscars Red Carpet Live

Tuesday March 1
12:15am StarPics / StarPics HD: The 83rd Annual Academy Awards
3:45am StarPics / StarPics HD: On the Red Carpet: Arrivals

Wednesday March 2
11:10am E!: Fashion Police: The 2011 Academy Awards

Amy Adams
Javier Bardem
Annette Bening
Halle Berry
Cate Blanchett
Russell Brand
Jeff Bridges
Josh Brolin
Sandra Bullock
Robert Downey, Jr.
Tom Hanks
Hugh Jackman
Scarlett Johansson
Nicole Kidman
Mila Kunis
Jude Law
Matthew McConaughey
Helen Mirren
Hilary Swank
Marisa Tomei
Oprah Winfrey
Reese Witherspoon

Zachary Levi
Alan Menken
Mandy Moore
Randy Newman
Gwyneth Paltrow
A. R. Rahman
William Ross
Florence Welch

Australian Nominees:
Jacki Weaver (Best Supporting Actress, Animal Kingdom)
Nicole Kidman (Best Actress, Rabbit Hole)
Geoffrey Rush (Best Supporting Actor, The King’s Speech)
Emile Sherman (Best Picture, The King’s Speech)
Shaun Tan (Animated Short Film, The Lost Thing)
Kirk Baxter (Film Editing,The Social Network)
Ben Snow (Visual Effects, Iron Man 2)
Joe Farrell (Visual Effects, Hereafter)

Full nominees


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  1. Channel 9 show their arrogance yet again – why cant they show the telecast at a decent hour on the Gem channel, instead of starting the telecast at 9.40pm. I for one couldn’t care less about watching This is your Life for a B-grade actress who is married to an A-grade actor with A-grade friends. Pathetic programming

  2. FYI. There is an 8th Aussie nominee – Joe Farrell from Sydney who has been nominated for Visual Effects for Hereafter. Apparently people didn’t realise he was Australian and his wife had to call the media to point it out!


  3. Regarding 9’s replay: they are editing it down by 40 mins – so in their arrogance are deciding what sections we might be interested in and what not. In fact they are forcing people who like the Oscars to watch alternate sources. Also given that most people are most interested in the big ones (which appropriately come last) are 9 going to reorganise the telecast to put them at a more viewer friendly time in the telecast (ie earlier) – they did this before! I think they should lose the rights unless they are willing to respect the viewers put them on earlier and in full!!!

  4. @JM. Quite right, and if the advertisers ever get to realise that I won’t be the only one who wants to watch the HD broadcast, they might finally put pressure on the FTA channels to see sense.

  5. Fair enough that this site updates info live, but please don’t have spoilers in the Subject Titles!!!

    Just “and the best film winner is……” without the films title please, or I won’t be able to come to the site until I’ve seen the show.

    1. Effdee: Site policy is always once it has aired in Aus it is no longer a Spoiler. Other such stories have a Spoiler alert. The Oscars are even live across the country at the same time. TVT won’t be holding back on any relevant stories while all other media are simultaneously running it.

      As for headlines…. I don’t write headlines that say “Somebody won Biggest Loser,” “Favourite wins Masterchef”, “Hit film wins Oscar.” That’s crazy stuff. Imagine my Archive of stories then? That said the Oscars are not the Emmys, so I should only be logging stories that I feel are relevant to a TV landscape: ie, Jacki Weaver, Aaron Sorkin, trainwreck TV moment, TV star makes faux pas… but it’s live TV so anything is possible.

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