Airdate: Find My Family

Remember Find My Family on Seven?

It’s coming back to TV, but in its original Dutch form on SBS TWO. Seven bought the format for its successful Aussie series.

The Dutch version of a hugely successful international series where regular people undertake exciting and emotional journeys looking for long lost relatives and friends. (From the Netherlands in Dutch, English subtitles)

It begins 7:30 pm Saturday March 5th.


  1. there needs to be an australian version of some sort , i would really appreciate it as i am looking for someone very important .
    i would love to be on the show if it did happen , because i do not know where ele to turn

  2. So one assumes the Ch 7 version is gone for good?

    It wasn’t the same without Jack Thompson. They need to bring him back and revert to the old format if they return the show on air.

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