Airdate: The Irish in Australia

Comedian Fiona O’Loughlin will host a one-hour special on the history of The Irish in Australia, to be sure, to be sure…

The special produced by Michael Tear of Bearcage will include the story of O’Loughlin’s own Irish heritage, which until now she knew little about.

Starting in South Australia where her Irish forefathers first settled, she sets off on her journey by asking the question: “What have the Irish ever done for us?”

Through interviews, re-enactments, visits to key places and archives, The Irish in Australia highlights the rich contribution the Irish have made to Australia – and explains what it truly means to be Irish.

In every walk of life, at every stage of Australia’s history, you will find the Irish – it pervades our sport, politics, language, religion, culture and more.

In The Irish in Australia, Fiona uncovers a host of fascinating facts about the notable and notorious Irish Australians, from Prime Ministers to the sports field, from criminals to the judge’s bench, from academia and the stage and screen, all who have contributed to Australia and the Australian way of life in so many ways.

Fiona also meets some familiar faces along the way, including writer Thomas Keneally and comedian Dave Callan and visits some significant places where the Irish made their mark, including Vinegar Hill, Glenrowan and the site of the Eureka Stockade.

It airs at 7:30pm on March 17 -St Patrick’s Day- on The History Channel.

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