Airdate: This is Your Life

Nine's new take on This is Your Life will air next Monday night, with first guest Deborra-Lee Furness.

Nine’s new take on This is Your Life will air next Monday at 8:30pm.

The new version is hosted by Eddie McGuire and takes place in front of a huge audience at Crown Casino. On this occasion Nine is even ‘fessing up on the unsuspecting subject: Deborra-Lee Furness.

This Is Your Life, Australia’s all-time favourite feelgood program, has had a makeover and returns in a revamped contemporary format, celebrating the life of actress, director and producer Deborra-Lee Furness.

It features appearances from her husband Hugh Jackman, Jerry Seinfeld, Sigrid Thornton, Nicole Kidman, Simone Buchanan, John Clarke, Peter Phelps, Kerry Armstrong and Tim Costello, all paying tribute to this very special Australian.

Together with performances from Kate Ceberano, Tom Burlinson and Colin Hay, it promises to be captivating viewing.

Host Eddie McGuire will surprise Deborra- Lee with heartfelt reunions, spontaneous revelations and stories from friends and family from around the world.

“This Is Your Life has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding hosting jobs I’ve ever had,” McGuire said.

“The warmth of the studio audience and the moving stories of our guests provide inspiration and lessons in never giving up, in a way that only television can.”

At 70 minutes, this pushes the replay of the Oscars to a 9:40pm start (it has a live broadcast beginning at midday).

This is Your Life is expected to appear as a series of specials this year.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if show is to be repeated. I missed it and really wanted to see it. I think deborah lee is a remarkable woman. Honest, loyal, well meaning and smart, not to mention a great actress and director. Shes s star in her own right and im sorry i missed the show. Josie

  2. Why not any of the previous generation of HI 5 presenters looking to move on from Kids Television to host this is your life instead of that irritating Eddie.

    If it’s not Charlie Sheen everywhere on Nine It’s the ex footy show presenter these days.

  3. i think Deborah lee furness is a great choice she was great Delorus in fire another person who deserves a this is your life is David knox he must work 24/7 on this site keeping us all upto date on everything to do with TV

  4. I can’t imagine how awkward it’ll be when they surprise here and Hugh Jackman thinks it’s him getting the show.

    Nothing against Deborah but, really? Apparently Ray Martin’s cat is on this series.

  5. Wow cant believe all the negative things on here. Ok maybe they could have started the show with someone else or even done Hugh jackman but I think its great her work is being recognised.

    Debra lee has been in some great shows including Shame which I studied in school and she was brilliant in that. Her work with adoption and trying to make it easier for aussies to adopt is great work to.

    Maybe if people watched it they would learn more about her and find out she is more than Hughs wife which isnt a bad thing either.

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