Axed: Hadley!

Sydney radio commentator Ray Hadley has pulled the plug on his SKY News talk show, Hadley!

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, sources say he complained of being under-resourced at SKY.

SKY’s chief executive officer Angelos Frangopoulos: ”We look forward to working with him in the future but it won’t be in a dedicated program arrangement as it was last time. Ray has great talent and we wish him well.”

But it isn’t all bad.

He has signed with Nine as part of its 2012 London Olympics team.



  1. Its a shame, Ray is the hardest working person in media in Australia, broadcasting 7 days a week in the football season and 5 days a week at the other times.

    Also he is the most accurate, always checking his facts before airing

  2. OhYeah

    Hadley has zero profile in Melbourne. Sydney based shock jocks such as Laws, Jones, Zemanek etc have never gained traction down here. It is a strange how radio works differently between the 2 cities. Simulcasting the Sydney broadcasters has been tried and failed a few times and Zemanek came here for about 4 months before he was sacked.

    The closest we have to Sydney broadcasters are on MTR (sister of 2GB) but they get tiny ratings. Mitchell, Faine and Hinch are opinionated but in a low-key way and the dominating 3AW breakfast show is much lighter though insightful and tends to steer clear of political opinion.

  3. @ jason…what!!! Ray Hadley has almost no profile outside of NSW???
    are u kidding???? have u be living under a rock??? he has a national radio show….National!!! meaning he can be heard across australia!!…
    Boy oh boy jason!! U need to update yourself!

  4. Hadley(!)’s problem was twofold – a) a ridiculous timeslot with zero promotion and b) Ray Hadley has almost no profile outside of NSW, Paul Murray, by contrast has developed his show on Sky for two years now and you can see how much smoother it is.

    I applaud Sky for trying to get more opinionators on in the style of Fox or CNN with their personality driven shows but Hadley was never going to be an immediate success.

  5. Hadley lasted less than Jones!

    On another note, what a stupid timeslot, 8:15 Tuesday nights, ready to be belted by all and sundry.

    I think Hadley’s ego stood in the way, if he had half a sense of teamwork, he should’ve put together either a ‘panel’ show with his 2GB stablemates or something with the football commentary team. But I imagine that might’ve affected the name ‘Hadley!’

  6. Ray is a great broadcaster and without question one of the best with Alan Jones of the past 25 years.
    However on TV, he doesn’t work and made some painful missteps like his pathetic attack on Gillard over her right to use certain words as an athiest and having to be set straight on the issue by Shanahan. The Thumbs up thumbs down segment was meaningless rubbish not helped by a badly cast opposite number. Production values were cheap but they shouldn’t matter and Ray should step up and take some of the blame for the failure of the show.
    I’m still a huge supporter of his work but I’m not saying he’s perfect – his self indulgent obssession with country music is the only time I switch him off and he can be embarassingly out of his element with interviewees he doesn’t seem to bother to research like Stephenson of the Met and Bob Baer which should have been compelling, edge of your seat interviews.
    Regardless, if it wasn’t for Ray with some help some The Oz, we would not know the extent of Labor mismanagement and incompetence on insulation and the BER.
    As a sports broadcaster (voice) he is peerless and a welcome addition to 2012 London.

  7. Good riddance. Arrogance should never be rewarded with their own tv show in the first place. Plus most of his radio audience are in bed by 8 anyway.

  8. Ray is a joke, he never wants to admit he was axed because then he would look like he failed. Under resourced?… thats code for “I need other people to do the work for me cause I just do the talking”. This guy is all smoke and mirrors. He wants to look like he’s the peoples hero, but he ends up doing nothing except use his right wing arguments to sell advertising spots to fund his $20 million, 10 year contract deal on radio.

  9. A dreadful show..completely unwatchable..why is it radio talk heads think they can star on TV?..just look at how terrible Steve Price, Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones are when they talk on TV..all unwatchable

  10. Ray has just corrected on-air the report that featured in the SMH. He decided not to return this year as he didn’t have the time to devote to the show. He’s in discussions with Nine to contribute to some news programs, but there has been no talk about sport. If he’s in London for the Olympics, it will be for 2GB

  11. Yes the lack of resources showed through and it looked amateurish and slapped together. Just film Ray on hid radio studio for an hour next time.

  12. How embarrassing for Sky Snooze.

    Surely this must be the first time in television history the star of a programme has axed their own show because they were not happy with the performance of their network.


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