Biggest Loser, Blue Bloods update

Next Wednesday TEN and Seven will go head to head with 90 minute eps of Biggest Loser & My Kitchen Rules.

TEN will match Seven next Wednesday night with an extended 90 minute episode of The Biggest Loser at the same time as Seven’s 90 minute My Kitchen Rules.

Wednesday 23rd February
7:30 pm The Biggest Loser Families
9:00 pm Blue Bloods – Special Double Episode
10:00 pm Blue Bloods
11:00 pm 6PM With George Negus Encore
11:30 pm TEN Late News With Sports Tonight
12:00 am Overtime
1:00 am The Late Show With David Letterman

Meanwhile next Tuesday please note the following later starts:

Tuesday 22nd February
7:30 pm Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation
8:40 pm NCIS
9:40 pm Lie To Me
10:40 pm 6PM With George Negus Encore
11:10 pm TEN Late News With Sports Tonight
11:40 pm The Late Show With David Letterman

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  1. What a terrible disappointment the ‘The Biggest Loser Families’ has turned out to be. They have never had such an awful lot of contestants before.

    There is no way I want to be entertained by nasty bullies picking on each other. And the show’s strategies seem to encourage the behavior.

    I’m turning off.

  2. TBYG always runs til about 8.40 and PTTR always starts at that exact time (8.40), its happened most of last year and this year as well.So its win win for fans of both shows. Shaun even made fun of it the other night, saying something like “We need to get off in time for people to watch packed to the rafters”. So i dont see what the issue is in this particular case.

  3. Speaking of running overtime, we got home around 11pm the other night and thought we’d missed Ramsay’s Nightmares (love the pommy/hate the yank episodes) due to start at 10.30pm – it actually started at 10.55pm!
    It’s why we invariably don’t watch Ch10 stuff while Biggest Loser is on.

  4. Because… 3 hours of news in the evening wasn’t enough, let’s show an encore of a news broadcast, then follow it with… another news broadcast…? TEN needs to /facepalm itself a couple of times, then rethink their schedule.

  5. I hate when things run overtime! Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation ran overtime this week, so I didn’t get to watch the end of it as I was eager to switch over to ABC1 for Life at 5. Same thing with Californication on Eleven, when I had to switch to Seven for Cougar Town.

  6. I assume House (one of Mrs Bogues favourite shows) is on a one week break?

    @craig: Letterman started at 12:30am this morning (Wednesday night). If I was Ten, I would switch The Late Show and The Late Late Show around, giving Letterman a consistent time spot at a half decent time.

  7. I guess running Talkin Bout Your Generation overtime is supposed to cut into the ratings of Packed to the Rafters however, I think it actually works against them in the ratings. People don’t want to miss PTTR so switch over before the ‘End Game’ so TBYG actually has a big drop in audience at the end, which affects their ratings overall. They should stick to exactly 1 hour eps.

  8. Why show a double Blue Bloods when it’s already set to start 30 min later?

    Looks like Letterman is really been shafted lately, now not starting until 1am that night/morning! But on the plus side I’m really liking Ferguson on ch11.

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