Bumped: Top Gear. Returning: 20 to 1.

More Big Bang, a shift for Top Gear and the return of Bert -but where's Survivor?

Channel Nine has adjusted its Tuesday night timeslot following the axing of Ben Elton Live From Planet Earth -but there is still no sign of Survivor.

From next week Nine is adding a repeat of The Big Bang Theory to 8pm following a new episode, which moves Top Gear to an 8:30pm start.

The 90 minute episode ends at 10pm to be followed by a first run episode of Adults Only 20 to 1.

Kitchen Nightmares USA will air at 11pm.

The same schedule is repeated on Tuesday March 8th.

The news will be disappointing to fans of Survivor who have been waiting for the new series which began in the US on February 16th.

Nine had aired the last season on Tuesday nights.

It’s enough to make you vote someone out of the tribe….

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  1. Nine’s big problem since Temptation ended has been 7pm and what to put on after News and Current Affairs which needs to be fixed soon.

    These BBT And 2.5 men episodes that are old belong in the summer no ratings land not year round up against a soap or a news as you know it offering.

  2. There have been promos on WIN for Survivor since Saturday but only saying “Soon”, so I guess the way these channels define the word “Soon” it could be anytime in the next year or so! Lets hope it is “Sooner” than “Later”!

  3. With the number of crude comments/jokes I’m not sure if Top Gear is a ‘family’ show any more, if it ever was.

    This with the problems they are having with another certain high profile show is not good for Nine and the ratings season.

  4. My family all love top gear but a finish time at 10pm is just to late. please 9 stop changing times for shows this is why you lose people even if it is a favorite show we get sick of the time changes so we just stop watching. please put top gear back in the 7.30 time slot it was the perfect time for family viewing.

  5. Here’s a radical idea, show Top Gear from 7 or 7:30 depending if it’s to run 60 or 90 minutes, it ends before the Rafters… but this is assuming it actually starts on time and not 5-10 mins late.

    Nine really did buy the show after it peaked, I still love the show but really it hasn’t been as good in the last few series. Maybe the US or local one can turn things around. Wonder if they’ll go for the Chinese version? Is the Russian one up for bids?

    I hope the AU one is shown next, once the UK one ends which won’t be long as the last of the current series airs this weekend in the UK. I’m betting the US one won’t be on until late in the year. Prove me wrong Nine!

  6. No more 20 to 1 , top gear should be at 7:30 Mondays ( like sbs when they had it)big bang x2 at 7:30 tusdays and then survivor at 8:30 , and why not bring back comady inc at 9:30 ( repeats ok , new eps better)

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