Camille Keenan joins Rafters

Minor Spoilers: Camille Keenan (Rush, Satisfaction) is joining Packed to the Rafters.

Keenan will play will play Bree Jennings, sister of Coby Jennings (Ryan Corr).

Also joining the series is Zoe Cramond who will play Emma Mackey, a character who will be a potential love interest for Ben Rafter.

The two join the series following the exit of Jess McNamee, Zoe Ventoura and the upcoming departure of Jessica Marais.

Cramond has appeared on New Zealand’s Shortland Street, Outrageous Fortune and Go Girls.



  1. Camille keenan is annoying and whiney. And not particularly beautiful if you ask me Yuck. they could have found someone a bit better to replace Jessica Marais

  2. I’m happy about this choice as I think she”s an interesting actress. Her role in Satisfaction was great and she was funny in Rush. I hope she returns for the third season.

  3. I don’t know about being a dead ringer for Jessica Marais as was suggested but ever since she appeared in Rush I have been wondering if she and Pippa Black from Neighbours were separated at birth.

  4. Camille is hot. She can move in with me anytime.
    @ Allie. Over the last three weeks we have seen Granddad Ted become interested in a Chinese lady friend and has been learning the language, which hints to a relationship happening there. Rafters does better than most other Aussie scripted series in including multicultural characters and storylines.

  5. I suppose the best actresses got the job, but that makes all the major female actresses NZ. In fact, half of the cast will now be NZ.

    Allie, what planet are you on? Greek culture is routinely mentioned and Greek characters feature prominently.

  6. LOL!! One token ethnic and he is a terrible character, cringingly, stereotypically awful. Admittedly, it appears that Michael Caton’s character has a crush on an Asian woman, but he is hardly a central character.

  7. To be fair, Rafters does have a Greek guy and sometimes his family. Quite a lot of the guest stars have also been ethnic. It is a show about an Aussie family, not a muslim family, so it makes perfect sense that the cast would be predominately Aussie.

  8. LMAO at Dodge!! Yeah, the Rafters cast is frighteningly monocultural. Given that people from more than 140 nationalities live in Sydney, it would be realistic, given Sydney’s ethnic diversity, if the scriptwriters actually did something edgy like write an Asian family or a (multiple gasps) Muslim family or characters onto the show. Perhaps one of the Rafters boys could fall in love with a Chinese or Muslim girl? Or Dave could hire an apprentice from a minority?

  9. so they hired 2 Kiwi actresses? wow I’m surprised! do they still have their accents? I always thought imagine if The Wests (Outrageous Fortune) & The Rafters did a cross over episode, that would be interesting.. lol

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