CNN’s upside down map of Australia

Even after Oprah Winfrey gave them a “How To” guide, Americans still get it wrong.

Here’s a map of Australia according to a news bulletin on Cyclone Yasi that appeared on CNN.

It seems Queensland is actually Tasmania. Who knew?

No wonder this lot have such trouble on The Amazing Race.


  1. Insular is right, Have no clue about anything outside of the states but somehow have all the answers, Ignorant, arrogance is a dangerous double act.

  2. Tasmanian de√il

    Actually David (though you’re not the only one), if you bothered looking closely at the map, you will see that it’s not pointing at the state of Tasmania at all. Once again, an honest mistake has been blown out of proportion… ‘Homocide’, anyone?

  3. This is as bad as the UK newspaper that, when reporting the QLD floods, displayed a map showing Queensland split into two states with one of them labelled “Capricornia”.

    And “the arrow is pointing at Queenstown, an easy mistake to make”… No, it isn’t really.

  4. @Ianblair23 – Craig is right. You forgot to count Iraq and Afghanistan (LOL).
    @Christopher Neugebauer – Like Australia, Austria – ain’t they the same, like, you know, overseas?
    Problem is American schools are obsessed with the past, teaching American history in place of Geography.

  5. Seriously, this is why they make all those jokes about American’s not knowing what an Atlas is, even if it hit them in the face!

    Now I’m not saying I’d know where all 52 US states are but I’d use a map to check it out before doing a graphic like that. Just not a map made by CNN.

  6. Could it be because in the northern hemisphere the further south you go the warmer, more tropical the climate?

    I remember reading that early English settlers in Australia actually built south facing houses. To take advantage of the suns warmth.

  7. haha – well, this reminds me of when my family hosted a Brasilian exchange student in NSW and everyone went up to him and said “Oh Brasil, that’s the one shaped like a boot”!


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