Come Fly with Me on Nine

The Nine Network has picked up the rights to Come Fly with Me, the latest comedy offering from Little Britain‘s Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

Set in and around a fictitious airport and its three airlines FlyLo, Our Lady Air and Great British Air, it again sees the two comedians playing multiple characters.

But Lucas and Walliams have noted the series is not as grotesque as some of their Little Britain characters who include the manager of the airport’s coffee kiosk ‘Precious Little’, the airport’s chief immigration officer ‘Ian Foot’, a camp air steward ‘Fearghal O’Farrell’ and the owner of low-cost airline FlyLo, ‘Omar Baba.’

A second series was announced by the BBC last week.


  1. Chris McDonald

    What a piece of utter rubbish. Little Britian was fantastic but this is an embarrassment to them and the audience drop off figure after the over hyped beginning has been dramatic.

  2. OMG!! saw dis last nite!! hilarious!!! I tote love the asians. the make up was so brilliant! that midget can sure act as a grandma. Your dogs dead…
    only thing that p*ssed me off was that disney obsessed woman (man).

  3. Watched it last night. Would have been funnier if all the advertising in the lead up didn’t show you the entire show! Hopefully the entire series won’t get flogged to death by the adverts leading up to each eposode. Nothing is quite as funny after you’ve already seen it 50 times !!!

  4. What a load of manure!! It must have been targeted to a Sydney market.
    Better (or worse) than Ben Elton Live. Would have better to have it Channel 31 but they knocked it back. Programme it on the ABC right after Play School.

  5. Rural Hillbilly Linda!

    Apparently not to be for us rural viewers? what a load of crock. Adored LB yet they deem we are not sophisticated enough for Come fly With Me, as usual 9- you don’t know what people want! Wish the ABC had it! Pathetic censoring on our behalf!

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