Conviction Kitchen, Bones update

Don't touch that dial. Bones and Conviction Kitchen are now staying put on Mondays and Tuesdays.

This just in….

Bones did so well last night that Seven has decided to keep it in place. A new episode will now air at 8:30pm next Monday.

Conviction Kitchen will now remain at 9:30pm Tuesday, where it premieres tonight.

No word on Parenthood plans yet….

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  1. Monday night’s Bones was the best episode of the season – and the only one to have received any acknowledgement in TV guides before it screened. We are only 3 episodes behind the US, and they have just started a 2 week hiatus. Seven will be caught out when they need to screen repeats that won’t rate as well.

  2. What?!?! I mentioned in the TV Lounge that I saw those two timeslots as TBAs a few days ago, which had me worried about Parenthood. I had a feeling they’d do this. So much for ‘back in two weeks’, they’ve treated Parenthood so well and now this! I hope it returns soon.

  3. Yet another reason not to trust FTA, I learned that years ago.

    I thought Parenthood was doing okay in its time slot, maybe it will work Mondays but what if Conviction Kitchen bombs this week will that make the TBA Parenthoods time slot again or will they wait until support for the show erodes, then bring it back and wounder where the viewers have gone?

    Either way there is a shinny new Parenthood in the US tomorrow 🙂

  4. What are they going to do about parenthood? I always found that watching Packed to the rafters and parenthood was enjoyable because they worked well togethr, both based on families. To follow a show about family and values up with a show about criminals is silly. They don’t even know how the show will rate yet, looks like once again I’ll be forced to watch shows i enjoy elsewhere, unfortuntely that is becoming more and more common for me to do these days.

  5. Maybe Seven will give Parenthood a chance at 8:30 Mondays. I actually reckon it could beat Nine’s This is Your Life and Ten’s House every week. This scenario is probably better than airing Conviction Kitchen right after My Kitchen Rules. Separate the two and they will both do better.

    We all knew Ben Elton’s show would die one week soon, but this move pretty much signs the deal that the show will not last past next week (Nine may as keep to the contract and air four episodes but highly unlikely that it will do anymore).

  6. Yes, David. S06E11 aired last night, leaving only three more episodes to air before they run out (as it does not return until March 10th in the US, due to American Idol I believe). So that leaves new episodes for this coming Sunday and Monday, and next Sunday before they have no new ones left.

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