Conviction Kitchen, Parenthood update

As tipped, Conviction Kitchen will shift to a Monday slot following its debut next Tuesday.

As tipped, Conviction Kitchen will shift to an 8:30pm Monday slot from February 28th, following its debut next Tuesday night.

That’s after Underbelly has ended but also up against an Oscars replay.

Parenthood, which is out next week, resumes as usual 9:30pm Tuesday March 1st on Seven.

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  1. Thanks 7 for taking Parenthood off to promote something else!!! Why try and put it on after PTTR if that is not the time slot it will be in the following week. When I first saw it was on 930 Tues I wondered why they would pull Parenthood off when there are only 5 episodes to go. Glad it is only temporary. But as viewers know, you move things around, you lose viewers…

  2. Thanks for the update David. I love Parenthood, i’m glad Seven are treating it well and being consistent with it (even if it is off for a week). I’m gonna pass on CK though, i’ll be waiting for Masterchef.

  3. This is going to be the shock hit of 2011. Reviews are great across the board and that doesn’t happen very often at all. Its going to be great television. Can’t wait till Tuesday. Also Monday 8:30pm is the perfect timeslot because i watch Bones there anyway and i knew that was temporary so good move.

  4. I’m surprised they decided not to brand this as MKR: Conviction Kitchen or similar. Even if they are two ‘different’ shows.

    Australia seems to love all these reality cooking shows these days, it will probably succeed unfortunately. But in a few years oversaturation of these shows will kill them off, like its done to reality series in the past.

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