Criminal Minds, City Homicide update

Due to coverage of Cyclone Yasi on Wednesday night, Seven did not air planned episodes of Criminal Minds, City Homicide and (the unfortunately titled) I Shouldn’t Be Alive.

These will now air on Wednesday February 9th
8:30pm Criminal Minds “Safe Haven.”
9:30pm City Homicide “The Business of Fear”
10:30pm I Shouldn’t Be Alive “Lost in the Rainforest.”
11:30pm My Name is Earl rpt

Subsequent weeks will also accommodate the changes.


  1. @Bazza: Hold on. So if I’m a House watcher (I’m not, btw), and I’ve set my PVR to record House on Wednesday at 9.30, I’ll go to watch it some time and find out that it wasn’t shown *and* that it was moved to last night, with no warning, so I’ve missed the episode? Pathetic.

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