ELEVEN hearts Leslie Nielsen

There's a fair whack of Leslie Nielsen coming up on ELEVEN in the next few weeks.

There’s a fair whack of Leslie Nielsen coming up on ELEVEN in the next few weeks.

Saturday 19th February
9:30 pm Naked Gun 2&1/2: The Smell Of Fear (Rpt) (1991)

Saturday 26th February
9:30 pm Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994)

Saturday 5th March 2011
9:30 pm Flying High! (Airplane!)

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  1. @dturbo what u think young people 13-29 don’t watch old repeat stuff? As someone in that age bracket I have found the shows to be better made, less pretentious and much more entertaining. Bring it on!

  2. They should play kids cartoon series “Katie and Orbie”. Leslie Nielson is the narrator in that, and if I remember correctly it was mainly the narrator talking throughout the show.

  3. Good suggestion, Nathan – Dracula Dead and Loving It has been unavailable on DVD in Oz for donks.
    Would be good to see Nielsen in Disney’s Swamp Fox adventure, as well –
    that was released on DVD in Yankee Land, but not in Oz…

  4. I thought this channel was going to be ‘distinctly youthful’ aimed at 13 – 29’s? What’s with all this repeat stuff? They showed Airplane back in November when Leslie died. ELEVEN has been a total disappointment. How did it achieve 3.3 in the ratings last week with the non-stop old stuff playing? I’m sure a Billy Madison / Happy Gilmore double isn’t too far away. Hopefully Packer and Murdoch will bring in their own people/programmers and tap Mott and Co. on the shoulder.

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