Erin Mullally joins Lightning Point

TV Tonight understands Neighbours actor Erin Mullally, who took over the role of Declan from James Sorensen, has landed a recurring role in TEN’s upcoming children’s series Lightning Point.

Lightning Point, from successful producer Jonathan M. Shiff, is currently filming at Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast.

The 26 x half hour series centres on two irresponsible girls from another galaxy who become galactic castaways in a quiet coastal town. The principal cast includes Lucy Fry, Jessica Green, Philippa Coulthard, Andrew Morley,kenji Fitzgerald and Paige Houden. It is produced in association with Nickelodeon Australia and German public broadcaster ZDF.

Mullally was announced as leaving Neighbours last October.


  1. Hey guys.
    Don’t dis Declan. He is doing just fine for his age and I’d like to see you try getting roles like that. Trust me, it’s not easy. Cut him some slack. The upcoming show, Lightning Point look really good and I think it will be awesome! Just watch him and you’ll see. He’s doing good and on the way to success! Good on ya Erin!

  2. Neighbours writing being what it is presents a challenge for any actor to deliver anything remotely convincing espcially for younger characters and the unnatural “teen” speak they fumble over.

    Unfortunately Erin replaced a fairly skilled charismatic young actor and worse still it was at a time his character became sour which wasn’t helped by Erin inability to appear naturally enthusiastic or show much emotion beyond brooding.

    Between his monotone voice, lanky frame and heavy brow he’s going to struggle getting work in his late 20’s and 30’s.

    Devastating to hear but perhaps someone should suggest he looks into an alternative career path like so many of the young Neighbours stars do as his talent is limited.

    All of this said I can defeat my entire arguement with two words, Stefan Dennis. A man who built an entire career on bad acting, and briefly bad music.

  3. I hope it goes well for him.

    I didn’t really think he was all that bad on Neighbours, but he just wasn’t suited for Declan I thought. If he came in as a new character he’d probably have been fine, but the way he came in as Declan I still can’t get used to.

  4. I don’t get how Declan completely changed in terms of height, speech, facial features, and nobody seemed to notice it at all.

    No ‘hey Dec, your hair sure has gotten a whole lot more womanly overnight’ or ‘Declan, didn’t you used to not suck at acting?’

    Got me stumped.

  5. Ignore the knockers Erin! You were put in a very difficult position when you replaced a popular actor on a show screened around the world and copped an unwarranted avalanche of nasty comments which must have been very hurtful.

    Congratulations on the new gig. Hang in there, and ignore the naysayers and just keep working and learning and improving and enjoying.

  6. Fortunately I have no children so there is little chance of me having to see him ever ever again. Poor guy. If people keep giving him work it only encourages him. Acting lessons wouldn’t go astray.

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