Gale blows Hawkins aside

Jennifer Hawkins was knocked back for a hosting gig on Project Runway Australia before it was awarded to Megan Gale, reports confirm today.

“We did say no to Jennifer. We were approached by her management and felt she wasn’t right,” a Foxtel spokesman told the Daily Telegraph.

Sources at Fremantle Media said there were concerns Hawkins was too synonymous with the Seven Network. Hawkins hosted Make me a Supermodel for Seven but her network contract expired late last year.

Her agent Sean Anderson is understood to have approached Foxtel with her as host but now says her schedule would have precluded her availability, while her Myer association would have clashed with the show’s David Jones judges.

However former PRA judge Jayson Brunsdon was a Myer designer -the new judging panel was brought in as part of the Gale overhaul.

Now a TV freelancer, Hawkins will file some holiday stories for Getaway on Nine.



  1. Jen is as plain as an Arrowroot biscuit. give me megan any day. Megan can talk without an auto cue and script. i dont have pay tv so i dont really care I just wanted people to know which one i think is best 🙂

  2. I think Hawkins is great but seems to becoming a little hard to deal with seemingly through management,maybe totally wrong but everything seems to point that way.

  3. Armchair Analyst

    Still a great decision by Foxtel they definitely picked the right host. Megan has more intelligence and looks better and more ellegant and mature for the hosting role on Project Runway. I have no doubt she will do a great job.

  4. I think Foxtel saw the writing on the wall

    Megan appears to generally want to shape her career after being a model. Whereas it seems Jennifer just goes to where ever the money is.

  5. Todd , i have to disagree , personality from hawkins , she is as dull as dishwater i never could stand her on The Great Outdoors , remember all they both are is models , a job description like any other.

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