Gallery: Underbelly: The Man Who Got Away

Nine’s third and final Underbelly telemovie airs on Monday night.

It tells the story of David McMillan, a Melbourne man from a privileged background who chose a life of crime.

While still in his early 20s McMillan’s exploits earned him a place on Interpol’s Ten Most Wanted list, but he proved an elusive figure.

Aided and abetted by his lover Clelia Vigano, the daughter of respectable Melbourne restaurateurs, McMillan’s ambitions, and ego, were boundless – until the day ‘Lady Luck’ found a new paramour and he found himself a guest of Thailand’s notorious ‘Bangkok Hilton’ facing a death sentence.

But McMillan was no ordinary inmate and became the first Westerner to escape Klong Prem Prison.

The cast features Toby Schmitz as David McMillan, Claire van der Boom as Clelia Vigano, plus Jeremy Sims, Aaron Jeffery, Nicholas Eadie, Brendan Cowell, Freya Stafford, Josh Lawson, John Orcisk, William Zappa, Heather Mitchell and Deirdre Rubenstein.

It airs 8:30pm Monday.


  1. a boy in the history

    I only hope the innocent are protected and the real story told. Of a man who lost his and his best friends wife because of crook cops and deception.

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