Gone: The Gadget Show

UK series The Gadget Show has been dropped from Saturday nights on TEN.

It will  be replaced by Bondi Vet repeats from 6:30pm this week.

Last week it pulled 272,000 viewers.


  1. That guy with the gray hair is Jon Bentley. It’s no surprise that The Gadget Show has a Top Gear feel… he was a producer on TG and was instrumental in turning the show into what it is today.

    I thought bringing The Gadget Show to Oz would be good news but was amazed that it had been given a primetime Saturday slot. It has always been a Channel 5 Monday night “watch it while having your tea” show.

    In truth, for me it has never really been about the gadget reviews. To British males of a certain age, Suzi Perry was the only reason needed for tuning in. I have to say, the few episodes aired here were sub-par with what has gone before. Upping the presenters from three to five seems to have killed the dynamic somewhat.

    I agree, creating an Australian tech programme would be the best option. The networks do seem to make odd choices when picking UK shows to import though, so The Gadget Show certainly wasn’t the worst on air. Maybe move it to a more sensible slot?

  2. Hi guys. Just moved over from the uk and always used to watch this program. It is actually really good when shown on time (ie don’t blame them for Ten showing it 6 months too late!). They did some great reviews/tests etc you just need to get used to their style of presenting…I’m gutted it won’t be shown – however I do think an Aussie version would be a no-brainer decision for one of the channels to do, as you have different tech over here. Cheers

  3. Frankly I’m not surprised. Too British-centric and too out of date. Tech changes too quickly to have a show on TV that’s 6 months or more old. Ten, you’re wasting my time and yours.

  4. I also watched it expecting to see a new Australian show. It was terrible. It seemed to me that it was trying to be the Top Gear of the gadget world. The basic idea is a good one. Someone should produce a local version with good hosts not like the wanky UK hosts.

  5. I wonder why one of the networks doesn’t offer some cash to one of the many well produced HD tech podcasts available on the web. Good production values, and much more knowledgable than your average non-tech journos.

    Perhaps the shows aren’t willing to licence.

  6. Why can’t one of the networks make a local weekly tech show, maybe just 30 minutes for late afternoons on the weekend?

    I mean there must be enough local and international tech news each week to fill a locally made show, just look at the countless live-style shows we have.

  7. Never watched it but it seems like weekend afternoon filler to me shocked it went to primetime!
    Factuals are the way to go I think even if they are only repeats

  8. @JB – No Monk 😆

    I thought this would be a new local show but was shocked to see it was a UK show at least 6 months old, which is a life time when the show is about the latest tech.

  9. Ten should have a 7pm project version on sat that is either new or the weeks top stories. They could prob also play the circle best bits @ 6.30 cause that is dam hilarious

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