Live from Planet Earth slips to 384,000

Curiosity over the comedy backlash wasn't enough to lift Ben Elton last night, while Neighbours is now outrating George Negus on TEN.

There were more problems for Nine on Tuesday night as Ben Elton Live from Planet Earth took another hit, dropping to a flat 384,000. Curiosity at all the backlash wasn’t enough to see the show lift from its 455,000 figure last week.

The show was soundly defeated by Parenthood on 729,000 and Lie to Me on 741,000. Elton wasn’t shying away from the criticism last night, pointedly referring to the claims the show had been too rude and constantly taking potshots at Twitter, which returned fire throughout the night.

Tuesday night went all Seven’s way, winning from 6pm right through to late night.

Packed to the Rafters was the night’s top show on 1.81m viewers, ahead of NCIS (1.13m) and Top Gear (792,000). Another strong night for My Kitchen Rules (1.43m) over Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (850,000) and The Big Bang Theory (958,000) plus Top Gear.

On TEN 6PM with George Negus (366,000) is now lower than Neighbours on ELEVEN (383,000), although its late night replay lifted from Monday, now at 302,000. There are worse problems for the 6:30 TEN Evening News (316,000).

On ABC1 Qi was 564,000, Foreign Correspondent 537,000 and Life At 5 461,000.

The Future Of Food on SBS ONE pulled 215,000.

Seven Network won the night, a long way ahead of the competition.

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