MasterChef signs for 3 more years with TEN

Channel TEN has secured MasterChef Australia for three more years.

The multi-year and multi-platform deal with Shine Australia secures the juggernaut series with TEN for 2012 and beyond and avoids the show being poached by a rival network.

TEN CEO Grant Blackley said: “MasterChef Australia has not only won the hearts of our audience, it has inspired a nation. The Network has also consistently delivered an enormously successful result for advertisers. We are delighted that MasterChef will continue its successful run on TEN for many years ahead.”

The series has been a blockbuster for TEN attracting record ratings and lending itself brilliantly to advertiser-friendly branding opportunities.

“This agreement with Shine Australia represents the commencement of an exciting new era in the relationship between Network Ten and Shine, as we seek to most effectively realise the full potential inherent in our content rights across multiple platforms including, but not limited to, broadcast, online, mobile and IPTV,” says Blackley.

Chief Programming Officer David Mott said, “We have established a strong and effective working relationship with Shine Australia, most recently with Junior MasterChef and The Biggest Loser, and coming later in the year the brand new Australian format The Renovators.”

Shine, which produced last year’s junior version, will resume rights for the feature show from next year when they revert from FremantleMedia Australia, which signed them from Shine International before Shine Australia was established by Elisabeth Murdoch.

Since the Australian success, it has reinvigorated the TV brand internationally.

Shine Australia CEO, Mark Fennessy, added: “MasterChef Australia is a truly unique piece of television with universal appeal for all Australians. We started this journey with Network TEN three years ago and we’re delighted its future is secure for the longer term. We look forward to many new adventures and even greater success with this extraordinary brand.”

The new deal with TEN is for a minimum of three years, effective from 2012.


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.
    Maybe they could combine 2 shows & call it Big Boiler?

    WTF? Peter Everett gone from RSC.Only reason the show still exsists.

  2. if 7 got it the show would be hosted by grant denyer and would feature regular guest judges from their own shows like home and away and they would put in some totally messed up “epic” music and make each episode as “epic” as the moon landing, over and over and over again. ch10 is much better. actually should ch10 just launch a dedicated cooking channel just for masterchef and other imports?

  3. So true, @Richard W! I’m really pleased with this news, though. 10 is a good fit for this program and hopefully they’ll have the wisdom to develop and adapt over the next 3 years, and not end up with a flailed horse at the end.

  4. I didn’t watch Masterchef last season. I don’t think it’s fair that the judges don’t taste all the contestants dishes, just some random dishes. My Kitchen Rules is a far better show IMO.

  5. I wonder if all theree will stay. I remember Gary saying he cant see himself being on it forever. Thats good thought MC is good tv to watch.

    I must say though MKR is a lot better this year than last season. Im enjoying it.

  6. I am over the moon with this.

    Masterchef isn’t really a show anymore, it’s an experience. Mock me if you wish but it’s such feel good television and at least 2 million other Australians agree with me

  7. @David: two series in a year will be too much and viewers will get tired of the format quickly. As well, Gary and George have their own restaurants to manage.

  8. Thank god the last thing i wanted was for 7 or 9 to get it if it was on 7 it would be hosted by Kochie and Mel and if it was on 9 then it would be hosted by Eddie or lLisa and Karl ten has done well by making the aus version different to the UK version

  9. Great news. Any other network would have destroyed it.

    @David I’m sure they don’t want viewers to get MC overload then the ratings drop but I’m guessing they would like to if they could get away with it.

  10. good. we don’t want 7 to turn it into rubbish now do we and Adam Oriti Art. you must be watching i different show to what i have been seeing. don’t call it mkr. call it come dine with me please

  11. David @ Green Point

    I’ve been surprised TEN hasn’t doubled the number of seasons per year…
    1st series to run April – May, then a 2nd season October-November, with the Jr Masterchef brand July-Aug.
    You don’t often see a commercial TV operation exercising such restraint…

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