Matty Johns Show in programming limbo

Seven wants to bump Matty Johns to a later slot, but his team is refusing to budge.

The Matty Johns Show is hanging in the balance after Johns and his team rejected a proposal from Seven to air the show in a 10:30pm Thursday timeslot this year.

The Daily Telegraph reports both sides have failed to arrive at an outcome for the NRL show’s future this year.

Business partner John Singleton has been a co-producer of the venture with Johns. Together with manager Glenn Wheatley they have a 2 year contract which stipulates the show must air between 7 and 10pm.

“They’re talking to Seven at the moment. Singo said to me to stay out of it,” said Johns.

“Whatever happens, I’ll be guided by Singo’s advice.”

While ratings for the show held for 2010 Seven has been keen to explore other programming options, compounded by the loss of The Bounce in AFL markets.

Last year Seven CEO David Leckie was singing the praises of recruiting Johns to the network, But if an outcome cannot be reached he may yet sit out the year on a full salary.

Hints that Seven wanted to move the show emerged in December.

Seven Programmer Tim Worner recently told TV Tonight the show’s budget precluded it from airing on 7mate.

He also would not rule an AFL style show in or out.

Last week Seven launched a new Thursday night line up including Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Private Practice.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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  1. His show was brilliant and got good ratings better than channel 9 footy show which was ridiculous to say the least. The 7.30 time slot is fantastic the whole family watches together including our 16yr old who plays and lives Rugby League. There`s rubbish on tv now and repeated continually, we say Bring back The Matty Johns Show for good

  2. I think Matty Johns has a fantastic show it appeals to a large audience it’s varied and he deals with footy facts shane webcke is brillant as matty’s co host because after watching the first episode of The Footy show I was just plain embarrassed for fatty, he’s obviously lost the plot and is ready to be retired. you could see the faces of the guests on the show that they were uncomfortable with fatty’s megalomania. Seriously Support Matty….. Please!

  3. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the elephant in the room? It doesn’t matter if this show is good, bad or indifferent. It doesn’t matter what time it goes to air. The point is, it is not appropriate for a mainstream FTA media outlet, seeking to broadcast to the widest possible audience, to employ certain people, or do business with certain people. End of story. Move on you bunch of dinosaurs. The audience has spoken.

  4. “michelle says:
    February 8, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    why should this loser even be on tv after what he has done ??”

    Care to tell us what he he did michelle?

    Never did anything illegal. I certainly hope for your bank balances sake you’re not claiming he did?

  5. this was always going to be a problem when the bounce failed ppls in the afl maket had to put up with the vicka of dibley for a year, the show is doomed,i just dont understand with all the new channels cant see y its not on there, thought the new channels was going to stop things like this happening, but theses channels seems to be after the $ too and not what the ppls want

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