My Kitchen Rules to add #mkr tweets

Tonight My Kitchen Rules will add Twitter tweets live on air tonight during the first elimination.

The 90-minute episode sees West Australian mother and daughter duo Kerry and Holly cooking in the final instant restaurant round of the series. The weakest team from their group will cook-off against Victoria’s Kane and Lee. The two teams will cook their signature dish with one to be eliminated.

Seven says the top tweets featuring the hash-tag #mkr will flash on the screen during the show.

Tweets during Q & A have helped create social networking interest in the show, and My Kitchen Rules becomes the third primetime show to make a major use of the feed, following The Xtra Factor.

Twitter comments will be a regular feature of Wednesday night’s elimination cook offs.


  1. brian cheesman

    I think this show is rigged in favour of the eastern states as they have the most viewers and I will make a prediction that either nsw/vic will win the competition because the judges are from those states. Peter & manou have already shown their bias when a victorian contestants got 71 points for a poor meal.I challenge both judges their credability as and independant judge to keep the competion honest..

  2. If I wanted to be tweeted, I would get twitter.
    Isn’t that the idea?
    How about embedding it as a subtitle so we have a choice?
    I hate it on QndA, and find myself changing channels.
    It detracts from whats going on.

  3. Good god no. I like MKR but loathe Twitter – it’s just Facebook updates for people with ADD and no spelling or grammar education. This is a recipe for dire-rea(lity TV).
    (Yes, I know that pun was a stretch. 😉 )

  4. Are you kidding?

    This action has dragged Q&R down into the slums of slums…. its childish and I do not want to read some c**p that people have to say.

    This has just made my favourite show turn in another direction.

    No thanks.

  5. This seems odd. Can see the Nine and TEN fanboys & girls getting RSI. A lot of the Q&A tweets are so clearly politically-biased for no other reason than he/she’s not of their party that they destroy the whole intent of the exercise.

  6. Obviously going to be highly selective in what tweets they do show. Definitley wont be the slightest hint of critisism published. Also seems like a rather strange show to include the idea.

  7. Q&A is shown live nationwide on ABC News 24. Would 7two show it live nationwide so everyone can participate?

    Also, I assume that tonights show is pre-recorded. That’s a different kettle of fish than Q&A which is a live show, with questions asked from the audience and viewers.

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