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First-run or repeat? NCIS fans stay on your guard.

First-run or repeat? NCIS fans stay on your guard.

On Monday night next week the show is no longer a first-run episode but a repeat.

First-run remains 8:30pm Tuesday.

That is all.

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  1. They like to say ‘New’ alot at TEN! I don’t get why they take away and return shows? Can’t they just play a series through once a week. As for undercover boss, skipping a few bosses and thne moving it, has no chances. It had a good run Monday’s 7:30. They don’t get how to maximise viewership. MastercHef is the only thing they hold dear and near to them!

  2. TEN have been “blurring” whether the next programme is a repeat or not a lot
    over this summer, typically the lead in from the 7PM project claims what follows is an all new ep… only it’s a repeat…(pre-Biggest Loser returning).
    It’s happenned too often for it not to be a deliberate ploy… Boo…

  3. It’s a good move as we are only four episodes behind the US

    But what i want to know is why were the two episode played out of order as False Witness was ment to be aired before Ships In The Night.

  4. Jerome says NCISLA is not doing well on Sundays but I am wondering how a true count can be made. I love this show but always tape it as I watch ABC with husband and then watch NCISLA later on my own. I am sure others would do this as well so am I counted because I am watching it but not in the right time slot. Is taping counted?

  5. Because the reason for the first-runs on Monday was to close the gap between US and Australian airing episodes. Now that it’s almost just 2 or 3 weeks apart, they can go back to making money from repeats

  6. Good news! If Ten shows new episodes twice a week then the show will take many hiatuses as it has been caught up with the US. Tonight’s episode was originally aired in December last year, and next Tuesday’s new episode was originally screened mid-January this year, so it will be a consistent one, as the next episode was a month old. Just don’t run new episodes out of order and I hope that Undercover Boss moves back to its traditional Monday slot and repeats of NCIS back to its traditional Friday slot.

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