Oscars Spoilers!

MAJOR SPOILERS: An online media site has posted details of today's Oscars show -and been banned as a result. Don't click if you don't want to know!


After Deadline Hollywood editor Nikki Finke published a rundown of some of the running order of the Academy Awards on Friday, the Academy has withdrawn press accreditation for one of her staff, a New York-based film blogger Michael Fleming.

Finke, who is one of the leading online entertainment media guns in Hollywood, didn’t simply publish the running sheet, she positively derided it, already branding this year’s event as “a snorefest.”

But getting the detail of the evening was a good scoop, presuming it ultimately proves true.

Last year I got wind of the Logies Don Lane musical tribute well in advance of the big night. I knew that publishing it would spoil the surprise for everyone, but it was a good scoop. What to do…..? In the end I didn’t run it, but I would be interested to hear people’s thoughts on the practice. I tend to think provided you run the word ‘Spoiler’ on the front of the story you are pretty much in the clear, but each incident has to be judged on its own merits.

Given the Oscars Spoilers are freely online, and given this post has ample warning (if you’re still reading this far then clearly you want the goods), here are some of the moments we can supposedly expect to see in today’s big event, according to Deadline Hollywood:

  • Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin appear, wanting to host the Awards again.
  • Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway open the show with a pre-recorded comedy sequence where they appear in scenes from the year’s 10 Best Pictures nominees.
  • Tom Hanks presents the Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography Oscars.
  • Kirk Douglas will present the Best Supporting Actress Oscar (Jacki Weaver will know her fate very early on).
  • Russell Brand and Helen Mirren present the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.
  • Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman present the Best Original Score Oscar.
  • Billy Crystal will make a “surprise” monologue about the movie industry.
  • Oprah Winfrey presents Best Documentary feature.
  • Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd  appear in a Back To The Future segment.
  • Celine Dion will sing “Smile” during the In Memoriam segment
  • Lena Horne tribute will be presented by Halle Berry
  • ‘Scenic Transitions’ with virtual reality look back at the very first Oscars,  Gone With The Wind and Lord Of The Rings, The Silent Era and more.
  • A student choir closes the show singing “Over the Rainbow”.

There are even more Spoilers and various Presenters which you can read in detail at Deadline.

The Australian broadcast of the Oscars will be on Nine and StarPics (note: evening replay on Nine is edited highlights). Full details of broadcasts are here.

And finally, a reminder TV Tonight will be filing any relevant stories live. And that’s no Spoiler.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Back in the 70’s, my dad worked as a printer at Southdown Press where TV Week was printed. We always knew who had won Logies before the actual event, as the winners edition of TV Week was printed the day before the awards.

  2. The “spoiler” debate is a good one. Personally, I agree with you, David. However, I worked for a UK media company and when my editor and I went ahead and broke the story of Bridget Parker dying on ‘Neighbours’ it called all kinds of hell. We felt covered because we had clearly labelled it with spoiler disclaimers and were trying to beat other media outlets (I even had quotes from Susan Bower about it to feature in the article), but ‘Neighbours’ was less than pleased and it was interesting to see it play out, especially as we had Channel Five’s support. The same thing happened with my story on her wanting to kill off Harold, it was a hypothetical that never eventuated, but it upset people for some reason. Sometimes people are their own worst enemies and no matter what you do, you’re still in the wrong.

  3. A “spoiler” to me would be the actual revelation of the winner from each category – not the actual running sheet which, in my eyes, is nothing more than a ‘glossy programme’ you might buy in the theatre foyer…

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