Report: Sheen in rehab at home

Charlie Sheen is serving out his rehab at home, according to a report from TMZ.

Medical professionals are said to be visiting Sheen at his gated home in Los Angeles.

There is also speculation that he may be facing 3 months of treatment, which would jeopardise the shooting of Two and a Half Men.

CBS has two unaired episodes of the sitcom in the can (Warner Bros. TV has already produced 16 episodes) which could see either repeats or potentially a few fresh episodes that write Sheen out and focus on Jon Cryer and other cast.

Crew are also concerned at the likelihood of continuing work. When production was halted last February while Sheen was in rehab, they were “partially compensated.”

Meanwhile the LA Police Department does not intend to investigate Sheen for alleged cocaine use given some witnesses have been selling their stories and that nothing was found by the time police arrived.

UPDATED: CBS has ordered two additional episodes of Mike and Molly and Rules of Engagement to help cope with scheduling issues of Two and a Half Men, according to sources.

Channel Nine has nine more new episodes of the show up their sleeve.

Source: TMZ,, Hollywood Reporter


  1. Why is it that all these so called “stars” (regardless of lack of talent) turn to drugs? Wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that they get paid $835, 000 a week salary and thereore have every material want and hence start taking drugs out of sheer boredom?????? I suggest cutting his wage down to $800 per week….I’m sure the drug taking would stop!!!!!

  2. Reports out now that CBS has ordered more Rules of Engagement and Mike & Molly to fill the whole left by Two and a Half Men.

  3. He needs big consequences to his actions!
    This sort of weak and addicted bahaviour from a celebrity cannot keep being swept under the carpet just because his show gets ratings … he needs to be in rehab until he has broken the cycle and the show should be on hold until then, at least! His life is far more important that the damn show! They are only encouraging him by letting him continue in theshow.

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