Returning: Hellcats, Pretty Little Liars

Hellcats and Pretty Little Liars will return to GO! early next month.

Hellcats and Pretty Little Liars will return to GO! from Tuesday March 1st.

Hellcats airs at 7:30pm followed by Pretty Little Liars at 8:30pm.

“Papa, Oh Papa”
The Hellcats go to sectionals, but the ride is tense following Marti’s confession to her hook-up with Dan; Alice’s dad shows up and surprises her, but she never told her father that she’s no longer a flier, so she blackmails Savannah to get the position back.

Pretty Little Liars
“Moments Later”
Hanna is taken to the hospital in the wake of the hit-and-run, and her friends lean on each other and retrace everything that’s happened to them since “A” entered their lives.

To get you in the mood, Movie: Bring It On will be replayed 7:30pm Monday February 28th.

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  1. can anyone tell me why pll has been take off austrlia tv progaims again because we only got to see one eposide and then it stop so can anyone tell me why because i was looking forward to see the new actor who play cable who is a total hottie

  2. I watched the whole season, up to date with the US, of Pretty Little Liars last weekend and fell in love with it. Its just a pity such an unreliable channel has rights to it in Australia.

    I would love for Eleven to show The OC from the beginning. That would be the best <3

  3. @ reesie boi – It was stable till this year when they decided to change the timeslot without promoting it much. They premiered it this year on Wednesday at 7.30pm on Australia day when every one was not home and the ratings were like 90,000 . So they took it off.

    I suppose the good thing is there won’t be any breaks from GO’s end as they aren’t fast tracking it now.

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