Returning: Hungry Beast

Hungry Beast returns to ABC1 next month, again hosted by Monique Schafter, Dan Ilic, Kirsten Drysdale and Nick Hayden.

The 12 week season will see a subtle shift to episodes themed around specific issues. Regular segments including Kirk Docker’s close up Voxpops, Follow The Money and The Beast File will return.

Episode One will explore “Captivity”: from life in prison and people trapped in their own bodies, to weird effects of captivity on animals and an entire nation held captive by one man.

Upcoming themes include Secrets, Waste, Faking It and Download.

Amanda Duthie, Head of Arts and Entertainment, says the series will build on its unique approach to current affairs. “Hungry Beast is a show that takes risks – in the stories they chose and the manner in which they tell them. By bringing together the serious, the unusual and the light-hearted, it will continue to resonate with audiences, in particular the under-40s.”

Executive Producer, Andrew Denton added, “In 2009 and 2010, Hungry Beast showed that journalism can evolve in new and exciting directions. Newcomers 18 months ago, the Hungry Beast team are now making names for themselves in the industry. Watch out in 2011.”

It returns Wednesday 23 March at 9.30pmon ABC1.


  1. Stan, I was quite aware of my grammar mistake, but unfortunately there is no edit feature. Do you feel better after highlighting a petty grammar mistake?

  2. Hah. Investigative pieces on this show? Don’t think so Joe Blog’s.

    Amanda Duthrie really needs to live in the real world, you know the world where Hungry Beast resonated with virtually no one and crumbled in the ratings, despite help from Spicks and Specks.

    At least the ABC can say it ‘resonated’ with more people than Laid. No doubt they will tout it as some achievement as well.

    ABC once again proves how redundant it is by being a sole niche network with no broad appeal. Sorry Aunty but your no BBC.

  3. It was always better when they were tackling real topics. The purely comedy elements just jarred between the “worthy” pieces. They’ve yet to really tackle many topics I haven’t already read about online though. Hopefully they will have more of an Australian emphasis and less pointless but pretty motion graphics.

  4. I really enjoy Hungry Beast, but the last two seasons have been so wildly inconsistent that I really hope this ‘theme for an episode’ focuses the show. Previously it could zip from a heartbreaking piece of journalism to a wacky skit at the speed of lightning and it made for an odd, and sometimes unpleasant, viewing experience.

  5. Me too! Glad it’s back!

    Just wondering out loud whether the lovely Veronica Milsom will be back this season considering I saw her play Lady GaGa (again) on Ben Elton’s show. Would she be contracted to Nine or Fremantle? She was one of the better ones on Hungry Beast. Loved her ACA/TT style skits!

  6. Good stuff, I enjoyed some of the investigative pieces on Hungry Beast especially the story on child abuse within the Catholic church and how it’s far from a recent thing.

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