Returning: Lie to Me, Law & Order: UK, Medium.

Favourite shows return to TEN later this month.

A number of favourite shows are set to return to TEN.

Tue Feb 15
9:40pm Lie to Me. Season premiere.
‘In the Red.”
Cal goes to great lengths to prevent a man, fueled by revenge, from robbing a bank and in the process, is given the opportunity to right a wrong by holding a guilty man accountable for his actions.

Friday Feb 18
8:30pm Law & Order: UK
A young police officer is killed when he responds to an emergency call and inadvertently gets involved in a shoot out with a drug dealer.

9:30pm Medium
“Means to an End”
Allison starts having recurring dreams about Detective Scanlon and his dead brother. Meanwhile, Ariel is up in the wee hours of the night searching for her mysterious college roommate.

11 Responses

  1. Channel TEN????? Where is Law and Order UK???? im So glad i didnt by the PVR machine today as so many favourite shows clashed, You pulled this favourite from the schedule before a single ep. Thanks a bunch. I hope it’s shown on 11 or the dvd’s become available soon.

  2. L&O:UK yey!
    I was just about giving up on this being aired & looking at buying the dvds.

    Hopefully they’ll stick with it for more than a couple of weeks.
    Friday night crime has always done well on the ABC.

  3. Please Ten if you’re going to move L&O: UK please move it to Eleven instead of off the schedule.

    It’s a great show with excellent actors, it doesn’t deserve to be shuffled around like any other show.

  4. Why are Channel 10 bothering to return Medium to their schedule as they will only remove it after a couple of weeks??? That’s what they have done in the past and also changing timeslots at the last moment!!! I used to watch this show but got fed up with how it was being treated so I stopped. Now I watch this amongst other shows on dvd which is the way of the future. It’s amazing how many shows are now available on dvd and also how quickly they come out and how cheap they are to purchase. I can also go to my local dvd shop and rent them. The channels show no repect to the viewers so I have boycotted them…..

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