SelecTV in voluntary administration

WIN TV-owned Pay Television broadcaster SeleTV has been placed into administration.

The satellite broadcaster SelecTV, headed by Andrew Gordon, son of WIN’s owner Bruce Gordon, went into voluntary administration last week.

Four years ago WIN seized control of the company in a $47m takeover and is understood to have sunk a further $10m into the company.

SelecTV launched in 2005 offering a mix of channels including drama, entertainment sports and language including channels for Greek, Italian and Spanish speaking communities. A gay-themed channel was also a short-lived venture.

In August, Fairfax Media reported the Bermuda-based media tycoon had “run out of patience” with the ailing business. English, Spanish and Italian subscriber audiences were sold off to other broadcasters.

A creditors meeting will be held in Sydney on Monday.

Source: AdNews, Illawarra Mercury, Smarthouse


  1. I had an old select tv broshure and called to join and the number didn’t work, then I find out they went under. Very dissapointed I waited to long to join.

  2. Was previously with Select TV & now assume I am with UBI
    Have not been able to view my Greek shows for last few days.
    Can only view 1 music channel
    What is going on?

    Getting really annoyed cos what am I paying for???

  3. Question 1: If Bruce Gordon owns WIN Corporation – WIN Corporation owns SelecTV – SelecTV goes bust. Who foots the bill?
    Answer: Ordinary creditors, yes, that’s right, to the extent of $14m.

    Question 2: If SelecTV had been a success, who would have enjoyed the spoils of the profits?
    Answer: WIN Corporation and, in turn, guess who.

    Question 3: Who was the Director or person in charge of SelecTV?
    Answer: Bruce Gordon’s son, Andrew.

  4. I think this article forgot to mention that Ol’ Brucey left creditors to foot the bill to the extent of $12 million. I know of one who is about to go under himself because of it.
    I hope the PiƱa Coladas are tasting nice in Bermuda.

  5. it is a real shame, i had a the spanish package with select tv, and my contract was taken over by UBI world tv., UBI is such a rip off.
    their spanish packages are $44.95 or $64.95
    ive had nothing but problems with ubi
    more recently they advertised a “special” it took me two days to get through to their call centre, to discover that there was no real especial. The deal? I could upgrade my $34.95 to the $44.95 or $64.95 (normal prices as per their web). fail

  6. Oh dear! Considering Bruce has designs on either Nine or TEN, it’s time to get worried about WIN taking over anything.

    PS: How’s that MediaHub working out for you, Brucey, ol’ boy?

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