Terra Nova: promo

FOX has launched an ad for Terra Nova during the Super Bowl. Check out the dino-bustin'.

FOX has launched an ad for Terra Nova during the Super Bowl today.

The big budget dino-series from Steven Spielberg has been filmed in Queensland, and has its first episodes on air in the US in May.

It will air in Australia on TEN.

Looks like Jurassic Park just got a TV series…


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  1. What a disappointment that it’s going to a FTA network. With a show that’s had so much $$$ spent on making it look good, it’s almost an insult to the show not to air it in HD.

    This should have gone to FOX8. No problem with Ten showing it as well, same day even, but it should premiere in HD.

  2. Ten definately need to air this one post-masterchef it could be Huge!

    It looks very good too; I think I just got a new show to look forward to!

    So Pilot can air post Masterchef finale in August and the series should be ready by October hopefully.

  3. @ par3182 — I, too, wanted to see more dinosaurs. But I guess if you’re trying to sell a show in a 30-second ad, a certain amount of exposition is needed.

    Hopefully the actual show will feature enough dinosaurs to keep us both happy.

  4. This looks even better than Primeval it’s almost Avatar but in a TV Series and with Steven Spielberg involved there’s no doubt that this will become a hit like Glee. I hope TEN fast tracks it but all I can say for now can’t wait!!! 🙂

  5. i wonder sometimes if aliens ever tried to “make a go of it” back in these days, dinosaurs and all. that would make a better plot than a bunch of humans using time travel. A) why not avoid screwing up earth to begin with or B) just emmigrate to another planet, you’d assume we would have the tech to do that by 2140 something or whenever Terra Nova begins.

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