The shows they really want

TV Tonight recently put a question to 5 Free to Air Programmers, asking them to nominate a programme from another network they would like to see on their own.

Some had trouble narrowing it down to just one show. But here are their answers.

Brendan Dahill, ABC1 Channel Controller: Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (TEN).
“Because it’s a great show that appeals across the generations, it has a really entertaining vibe about it, and it reinvents itself every week, brilliantly. Shaun Micallef is a fantastic talent.”

Jane Roscoe, SBS Network Programmer: Hung (Seven / Showcase).
Also nominated The Inbetweeners (GO!) and Misfits (ABC2) and from overseas The Amazing Race Asia, Wife Swap India.

David Mott, TEN Chief Programming Officer: Packed to the Rafters (Seven).
Also nominated Top Gear (Nine).

Tim Worner, Seven Director of Programming & Production: NRL (Nine).
“I just think there’s so much that Seven could do with that sport.”

Michael Healy, Nine Director of Television: MasterChef Australia (TEN).
“Or Hawaii Five-0. And I wouldn’t mind Rafters.”

This concludes this series of Programmer interviews.


  1. Ooooh, SBS wants TAR Asia? Please make it happen, guys. I’m sick of Iron Chef and Man Vs. Wild repeats. (Also, it’s a damn fine show — better than the last few US TAR seasons, and nominated for an International Emmy in 2009.)

    Plus, it’d make us the second place in the world to show three versions at once, if they could get it on air quickly (can’t see why not, since there are four seasons already done and dusted). The only other place? Hong Kong, which got TAR US, TAR Asia, and TAR: China Rush (another English version, and easily the best season since about 2005) at the same time last year.

  2. I like Jane Roscoe’s response for what shows SBS covets. Hung, The Inbetweeners, Misfits. Choices that aren’t just based on ratings but on quality TV coupled with knowing the SBS brand in and out.

    Also, I’m now really intrigued by both The Amazing Race Asia and Wife Swap India. So good job on getting me interested in shows that aren’t even on SBS.

  3. @Ryano. Ten have already made their own version of Packed to the Rafters. It’s called ‘Offspring’ and it’s about a dysfunctional family living in the inner city suburbs. They also had Neighbours until recently which is only about dysfunctional and ‘blended’ families these days. That’s Ten’s thing. They don’t do shows about functional, nuclear families any more.

  4. Who has the Australian airing rights to tar Asia
    would it be 7 as they have the rights to tar us and (soon) tar aust
    or would it be sbs as they have the rights to all the international shows

  5. typical…all the programmers used their answers to praise the quality of the opposition’s shows…except for Seven who used their response to talk about how great they are.

  6. Nobody coulld treat the NRL worse than 9. Look what they do in Melbourne with games after midnight and now Jeff Browne is 9 CEO. God help Rugby League on 9.

  7. “there’s so much that Seven could do with that sport”

    Oh please, you had a rugby code for a decade and you couldn’t make it work. The promos for the Wallabies on Seven were pathetic.

    Nine acquired the Rugby recently and has had the cricket commentators talking it up. Nine is just so much better at sport.

  8. NRL on 7? If Rugby (Union) was anything to go by, fans in SA would miss out big time or have to sit through some crappy movie before the game was shown after midnight or not at all.

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