X Factor winner racks up trashed hotel room bill

That didn’t take long.

Singer Altiyan Childs has risen the rollercoaster ride of winning X Factor to trashy hotel rooms in just three months.

Childs has racked up a huge bill at Hobart’s Sullivan Cove Apartments, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Yesterday, Childs said he had apologised to the hotel and would pay the clean up bill of between $12,000 to $15,000.

Meanwhile there is also a different version of events over that brawl in a Hobart pub in which he was reportedly attacked.

David Kaine, night supervisor at Hobart’s Welcome Stranger Hotel, said Childs arrived at his pub after midnight and allegedly tried to hit on another man’s girlfriend.

But Childs claims he was simply trying to be friendly, saying: “My love for people will always get me into trouble.

“It’s got me into trouble this weekend, when I reach out and touch someone, it is me breaking down the boundaries.”


Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. sonia burlakov

    Altiyan’s fame has only just begun, I don’t know about what or not he has done in Hobart nor do I care. I do know how sincere he was and his talent was a pure phenomenon I haven’t seen in years. I think Australia should be 100% behind Altiyan because he is the best this country has, and we should be proud to promote him global. Do we really want to lose this great talent? He is going to make it big and we don’t want him to move to America like many other talents because Australians have chased him away.

  2. Margaret Holbrow

    I recognised Altiyan’s gift straight away on the show but after the third/fourth show I was hooked on him.
    Thanks to Ronan who also recognised his vulnerability and his gift and didn’t over-direct him.
    I stand with the people of Australia who “got” Altiyan – voted for him, and still believe in him.
    I went to the Hobart concert – they were half an hour late starting – disappointing but he was forgiven for this because he is loved. I got the chance to dance along to him on my own behind the rows of ardent fans – mainly young females. I was happy.
    I met him in the street a few days after the concert – he was totally charming, intimate in a non-sleazy way, sincere and polite and I believe he would be the same with everyone – I’m not a young female – I’m a grandmother.
    I was shocked to hear about the hotel room and the pub brawl but this is Hobart. We own a fair share of the country’s dysfunctional people. Also I know what the media are like – I believe him when he says he personally did not trash the room. It begs the question who did – sad to think that his “altourage” must have – they were a great part of the show. Disappointing for everyone who has invested faith, trust and yes…love in Altiyan…even though he may not be personally to blame..I admire him for saying little and taking responsibility – this would have to be such a difficult time for him and I hope he allows our faith and love to carry him through this humiliating public experience.
    Altiyan you changed my life – I wanted to tell you when I met you but I am shy, and time didn’t permit. I feel connected to you because you shared your journey – your personal history of pain and then the growth (the turn around) …like other public figures have (Princess Di for one example). You lit a flame of inspiration in me which had died and which I treasure. Thank you.
    You will survive this and learn from it…what those lessons are – they’re yours to discover…get stronger and shine….

  3. I have no idea who this ‘Altiyan’ guy is, and have even less interest in what he may have done to his hotel room, but geez this has been a fun thread to read!

    But I’ve just gotta say, @Susie Rose & Cilla – girls, relax. Not everyone shares your taste in music, so don’t give yourselves a stroke trying to defend the indefensible. Most people here aren’t bagging this bloke’s pipes or that he looks like Jesus in a waiter’s jacket, they’re mostly reacting to the delicious irony of you two flinging your hate at the “haters”. But good on you for having passion about something.
    (Actually I do want to know how he racked up $15k in damage! Fired a pistol at a couple of plama TV sets Elvis-style maybe?)

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    @Cilla – selling 100,000 albums doesn’t automatically mean that you’re any good. Kids will uncritically buy any rubbish if they think it’s popular – it kept Brittney Spears going for years. The real test will be whether anyone is playing his music 5 years from now.

  5. @reesieboi: Umm, pretty sure he has, considering he’s sold out more than a few shows up and down the East coast of the country. Tix are $65. You do the math.

  6. @ Jarrod

    I assume that is what they have to do, the extra is for the hotel manager for not taking him to court…

    PS Reaching out and touching people does not break down boundaries, only your nose…specially if the person you touching is someone elses girlfriend.

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