A lift for Monday

Monday's ratings enjoyed some solid audiences, if slightly inflated due to the end of a long weekend.

Monday’s ratings enjoyed some solid audiences, if slightly inflated due to the end of a long weekend in Melbourne.

In the 6:30 battle between A Current Affair and Today Tonight, Nine won with 1.19m viewers over Seven’s 1.15m. Was it the appeal of a story on A Country Practice over Hey Dad? Was it Nine’s undermining of Seven’s story on Sunday night? Or was it the result of a long weekend? Melbourne viewers, which often lean towards ACA, gave Nine an edge of 111,000 and enough to take a national win. It also won in Sydney but by a smaller margin of 42,000.

Seven News had a solid win over Nine News as the top show of the night on 1.41m to 1.16m. Seven won in all cities with Perth’s massive gap continuing to give drive its national win.

But ABC News won the slot at 7pm with 1.09m over Home and Away (998,000), and The 7PM Project (798,000). Nine still isn’t playing a national schedule at 7pm.

My Kitchen Rules actually dipped to 1.37m but still beat Glee (1.01m), Two and a Half Men / $#*! My Dad Says (986,000 / 790,000), 7:30 / Australian Story (781,000 / 826,000) and Mythbusters (269,000).

Conviction Kitchen was another show to enjoy a boost with 1.03m viewers, over This is Your Life (796,000), House (701,000), Four Corners (598,000) and Man vs Wild (286,000).

Brothers and Sisters also won its slot with 776,000 over Q & A (635,000), Good News Week (527,000) and Frost On Parkinson (514,000).

Elsewhere 6pm With George Negus (449,000) and TEN Evening News (412,000) saw a more promising start to the week. Neighbours pulled 341,000 as the top show on multichannels.

After losing Sunday night to Nine, Seven won Monday.

Week 12

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  1. I was horrified to see the judgment on Wednesday night, putting”The butchers” out of the competition.

    They were by the best on the night, apart from “not enough sauce” on their entree and main dish, their desert beat the others hands down.

    The guest judge who down scored them because they did a similar desert to a previous one was so unfair, she didnt score them on tonights dish which was fantastic.

    The two young guys had an awful attitude, so casual and couldnt care less. Making food they hadnt made before, ridiculous in a competition. I am not happy.

    Avid viewer, Sheila

  2. ACA beat TT looks like a country practice did the trick for ACA we need another complete series run of the show including the channel 10 series i have every singile episode but i would still watch it if it was on

  3. @ Jerome, Conviction Kitchen is one of my favourite shows too, very watchable. I felt sorry for Silene too, thought it was good though how they put up the number for domestic violence victims. Next week looks really interesting too.

  4. Negus up because of Japan. Should have dedicate the whole half hour to the story, ratings would have been higher. Not really sure they have the right leadership on that show.
    There is not a bigger story in the world.

  5. Conviction kitchen was really good last night, my new favourite show. Felt so sorry for silene. Next week looks like a cracker. Hope it becomes a big hit before the end of the season. Should be renewed with those numbers.

  6. Nice bumps to Negus and TEN @ 6:30pm, traditionally Tuesday’s have been unkind, so will be interesting to see if this momentum is sustainable…. I hope 10 at least hold their nerve on Negus, the show is polished and very good on detail compared to the offerings of their commercial rivals

  7. Q&A probably was #1 in its slot if its ABC24 audience is included. Or is it a combined ABC1+24 figure? Does it include the few million watching Australia Network (not serious).
    In any event, beat out Frost & Parkinson, which is no surprise at all. 9:30 is way past its target audience bedtime.

  8. It was a long weekend in Adel as well. Most of the top 10 were up by about 10% on last weeks numbers – with Conviction Kitchen and Ten News @ 5 up by 20%. Could add weight to the public holiday theory.

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