ABC3 acquires new BBC kids’ titles

Big Babies, two 'babies' with the heads and voices of grown men, are amongst new titles acquired by ABC3.

ABC3 has recently acquired new and returning children’s titles from BBC Worldwide, which tally to more than 67 hours of content.

The deal features a mix of genres including comedy, natural history, drama and wildlife.

New comedy Big Babies (13×15’), following the adventures of two ‘babies’ with the heads and voices of grown men, will premiere in 2011. It combines live action, puppetry and computer generated imagery.

In Inside Life (10×30’) ten children go on location behind the camera of BBC Worldwide’s natural history series Life. It will also premiere later in 2011.

The deal also includes:

M.I. High series 5 (13×30’ A Kudos Film and Television production for BBC) sees our favourite teen spies return to a new term at St Hopes and new adventures in their quest to protect Britain from dastardly villains and other threats to national security.

Horrible Histories (13×30’ A Lion Television/All3 Media production in association with Citrus Television for CBBC MMX) is based on the award-winning children’s book series written by Terry Deary and illustrated by Martin Brown. Series 2 and 3 tell more tales of foul facts and despicable deeds and rampaging rakes, enacted through a mix of live action and animation and narrated by show’s host, Rattus Rattus.

Deadly 60 series 2 (20×30’ & 6×30’ specials, A BBC Production) brings Steve Backshall back on the trail of some of the most deadly animals on the planet from the Arctic to South America.

Robyn Campbell, BBC Worldwide Australia’s Sales Manager, New Zealand and Children’s said, “We are immensely proud to distribute quality children’s content that delivers the highest standards in production and story-telling for kids of all ages.

“These programs really highlight that quality and we are delighted that ABC3 will carry this content to Australia’s younger audiences.”

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  1. Big V, are you really using the tired & unoriginal ‘hospitals & housing’ line? Would you like to ‘stop the boats’ too? Personally, I haven’t watched one second of ABC3 since it started, but you don’t hear me complaining when taxpayer’s money is directed towards dole payments.

  2. I’ve got to be honest, I’m scratching my head at this one, why would the ABC buy new series for ABC3 and not by The Sarah Jane Adventures…?

    Like Doctor Who is the premier brand for BBC 1 and the BBC as a whole, Sarah Jane Adventures is the flagship program of CBBC.

    Explain that one ABC, it makes no sense.

  3. The ABC doesn’t know the meaning of quality TV series. Two more reality TV series, two more stupid series, and more M.I. High.

    @Armchair Analyst: The ABC already wastes far too much money buying the rights to older Australian TV series from the 1990s and 2000s.

  4. I think that ABC should try hard or harder at getting some older content. The BBC output deal is ok not great but ok. I know that putting on shows from the 90s will rate well and their will be more variety and quality then at the moment. ABC3 is still a doveloping channel i get that but its been stunted because of lack of money and imagination.

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