Airdate: Gordon’s Great Escape

Gordon’s Great Escape, a three part 2010 series which sees Gordon Ramsay in India will air this month on GEM.

Ramsay has always taken an interest in Indian cuisine since his mother took him out for curry as a child.

Gordon Ramsay starts his journey in the north of India, home of our curry house classics, where he cooks for passengers on an express train, works for a royal chef, and makes tandoori chicken for a tough crowd of Delhi food critics, before venturing into the jungle.

The series was originally promised for Nine.

UPDATED: It begins 8:30pm Monday March 21st.


  1. Doesn’t Jamie Oliver do these things? Go overseas and try your pot luck!
    I thought Ramsay was someone who liked a show where he could say Cow Poke, F#!k & get away with it! He’d better not suggest “This curry is F#!ked up and needs less spice, you cow poke”! Otherwise his tyrades could be something he takes wherever he goes! Aka Ramsay had a little tyrade as black as suqid ink shows!

  2. Agreed. KNUS uses all those over-the-top sound effects from The Apprentice. Not one shred of emotion can be displayed by a participant without screeching violins or loud drum beats. It’s dumbed down to make it more relevant to the US audience.

  3. I never really got into Kitchen Nightmares at the height of its popularity on Nine, but started catching the late night Tuesday episodes. Must say I do enjoy the British version a lot more – the US version grates with the terrible narration and the habit of recapping after every ad break.

    The British, slower paced, Ramsay-narrated version with a re-visit at the end is much more watchable.

  4. I’ve caught a few eps of Kitchen Nightmares lately and think they are very entertaining. Gordon’s tirades make fantastic viewing, makes me laugh more than any comedy I have seen for a while.

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