Airdate: Survivor: Redemption Island

At long last Survivor: Redemption Island is finally here, guys.

It begins with a double episode from 7:30pm next Tuesday on GO!

The 22nd season begins with 18 castaways, including Russell Hantz and “Boston” Rob Mariano, arriving in Nicaragua and learning that ousted players are sent to Redemption Island, where they live in exile and are given a chance to re-enter the game if they can defeat other banished players in head-to-head competitions.

NB: Beware of reading any EPG synopsis as they already contain Spoilers.

Update: GO! has now tweaked its EPG synopsis to avoid the Spoiler. Cheers.

Hellcats and Pretty Little Liars are out of schedule.


  1. Survivor Addict

    Does anyone know where the hell is Survivor tonight?? Isn’t it meant to be on Tuesdays at 7:30pm on GO? I just went to switch it over and it’s not there!!!!!!!!! 19 April 2011. Am I missing something?

  2. New episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Hellcats are on a break til mid April in the states, so hopefully Go! will start airing more new episodes of them after they’ve been released across the pond. Otherwise it makes little sense why they bothered bringing them back at all after screwing around with the schedule yet again in January.

    I’m a fan of both shows (along with Nikita, which they apparently never really gave a chance to gather a fan base… hmph!), and survivor makes a poor substitute, in my opinion.

  3. Not Happy Jan!

    My local NBN Channel was advertising ‘Survivor Redemption Island coming soon’. I’m so peeved – just found out it’s been airing on GO! for past 3 weeks!! What the hell is wrong with Channel 9??? Actually just spoke to a decent guy in their programming department who commented that ‘they had really dropped the ball on that one – and if they are going to advertise it on 9 they should run with it’. Well, if that’s the opinion of somebody working at Channel 9 no wonder the viewers are not happy. Keep that up and there will be no viewers!!!!

  4. @ Secret Squïrrel….. my goodness!! fancy words!
    Nine was going to take survivor on board but at the last moment they change their minds as they felt GO! need more rating points…and they do as they were not doing so well on tuesday’s. Its a good decision I think… as far and Sh*t my dad says… it will be back in april!

    have a good weekend!

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    @ohyeah – Ok, now you’re being disingenuous. We both know you were referring to the channel not the network, which is why you specifically mentioned GO! when yesterday you claimed “well….as i said…survivor will be on GO! or Nine with in the next 3 weeks!”.

    Your history is a little too revisionist for my liking. Next you’ll be claiming that you knew “S#!t My Dad Says” wasn’t going to do well and not be axed when in fact you said the exact opposite.

  6. And we say this every season when Nine take weeks or months to air it…and still they don’t listen!!!!!

    We are your customers Channel 9- if you don’t stock the product we’ll get it somewhere else!!!!!

  7. The ratings will not show the high numbers of survivor addicts who are watching it on line. I started doing this a few days ago as I thought nine had dropped the ball. If nine aired on time, the ratings would be much better.

  8. Survivor has been on GO! for 2 series when the channel first started and it didn’t do too well, and against MKR and TBYG, coupled with the delay, I don’t think its ratings will be spectacular sadly.

  9. Go isn’t 9 – because if it was people in my situation would be able to watch Survivor.

    So disappointed. There is nothing on on 9 – why couldn’t they put it on the main channel? I’ve tried a set-top box and I couldn’t pick up anything other than worse versions or unwatchable versions of the standard old channels. We don’t have cable in this country area, so there’s only austar. How do you get GO?????

  10. Secret Squïrrel

    @ohyeah – well, what you actually wrote back in the second week of Feb was “… on Nine within two weeks!” You then repeated this every week or so when the topic came up, until a week ago (9 March) when you wrote “Survivor is coming very soon on 9! within the next 3 weeks.” I don’t recall you ever mentioning GO! in relation to “Survivor” until now.

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