Another Aussie TV reunion

Can you believe it?

A TV reunion that may not have been captured by Today Tonight or A Current Affair cameras?

TV Tonight understands another Aussie favourite had a reunion on the weekend to mark 25 years since it aired (technically, the 25th Anniversary was last year, but who’s counting?).

This show truly discovered some talent.

So what was the show, guys?

Let the guessing begin!

UPDATE: The Henderson Kids. (1985 – 1987).

Over 150 people joined cast and crew at a 25 year Reunion or the show at the Glenferrie Hotel in Hawthorn on the weekend.

Cast members who attended included Nadine Garner, Stefan Dennis, Jane Hall and Alex Papps, plus series creator Roger Moulton, producer Alan Hardy, writer Galia Hardy, and Director Chris Langham.

The 80s series also included Nicholas Eadie, Paul Smith, Kylie Minogue, Diane Craig, Ben Mendelsohn, Peter O’Brien, Reg Gorman, Terry Gill, Marieke Hardy and Mike Bishop.

NB: I’m keen to run further info on this Reunion for readers. If you were in attendance and have a photo or more info please get in touch via the Contact page.


  1. Paul Smith of course went onto Hey Dad and then had gambling problems, don’t think he did much acting after after that. Wonder whatever happened to Brains 😛

  2. OMG. I love The Henderson Kids, both series were fantastic.
    So much talent came from both series, I hope Foxtel or a commercial network repeat this wonderful series.
    I want all the goss from that reunion :))

  3. Australia made some great children’s television series back in the day. I remember growing up watching The Girl from Tomorrow, Puggsly along with the Henderson Kids.

  4. I’m still waiting for the “A Country Practice” reunion advertised by Channel 7 in their promos for TodayTonight with “all the stars”.

    The so-called ACP reunion I saw on TDT was missing the major characters of Dr Elliot, Simon, Vicki, Brendan, Molly and more for a start. Hardly “all the stars” with the promo bordering on not just false advertising but downright lying!

  5. Hey…….What a great show – Loved it…….Shame there wasnt a special as it did produce a lot of now known names….

    Does anyone know where the beach scenes where filmed?

    Carry on………. together………

  6. A Neighbours reunion would be quite a big affair, I can’t imagine something like that going on without it being reported by now.

    I think the guesses of The Henderson Kids could be closer to the mark.

  7. The Mike Walsh Show.

    I think if it was Neighbours a few people might have noticed. I read the article as though the show had not been on air since 1985.

  8. @ Kirsten : It could still be Neighbours as in the story David said it was a reunion that was Not captured by ACA or TT…which means it won’t be promoted by Seven or Nine…

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