April is French Film month


Every weeknight at 8:30pm in April, the World Movies channel will be screening a French movie.

The ‘Rendezvous’ film season consists of 20 classic and contemporary French films, including four Australian television premieres.

On Mondays and Wednesdays they will be preceded by a series of special half-hour documentaries exploring the stars of French cinema at 8pm.

A specially filmed interview with Clotilde Hesme, made recently when she was here as a guest of the French Film Festival, can be seen on air on Monday April 18.

Australian Television Premieres:

8.30pm Monday April 4: Welcome (2009, France)
A swimming instructor’s life is turned upside down when he helps a young Iraqi refugee reunite with his fiancée by swimming the English Channel. Directed by Philippe Lioret and starring Vincent Lindon, Firat Ayverdi and Audrey Dana.

8.30pm Friday April 15: Hidden Diary (2009, France/Canada)
Screen legend Catherine Deneuve stars in this tale of a young woman who stumbles across a diary that explains the hostilities and vitriol that have plagued the family for three generations. Directed by Julie Lopes-Curval and also starring Marie-Josee Croza and Marina Hands.

8.30pm Tuesday April 19: White Material (2009, France/Cameroon)
Isabelle Huppert plays a wilful woman running a coffee plantation in Africa, where she lives with her husband and son. When war and racial tensions threaten to send the unnamed nation into chaos, she refuses to leave the home and the life she loves. Directed by Claire Denis.

8.30pm Wednesday April 27: Two in the Wave (2010 documentary, France)
Charting the tumultuous relationship between cinema legends Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut, Emmanuel Laurent’s debut documentary reflects on the friendship that helped define modern cinema and the transition from daring critics to ground-breaking auteurs.

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