Auditions: My Kitchen Rules

South Australian couple Donna and Reade were eliminated on last night’s My Kitchen Rules, following a sudden death cook-off against Queensland’s Artie and Johnny.

The married used-car dealers were eliminated after only scoring 34/60 against 41/60 by the “Jolly Butchers.”

Reade said: “We want to thank everyone for the great adventure and wish everyone good luck. My experience on My Kitchen Rules has been sheer excitement from day one.”

This week the reality series won a third season with Seven.

Seven’s Head of Production, Brad Lyons, said: “We’re incredibly proud of My Kitchen Rules. It’s a world-class production and to see it embraced by audiences is a real credit to everyone involved. We are thrilled to confirm a third series – and we encourage anyone who fancies themselves in the kitchen to apply and get cooking.”

New duos, including those with a spouse, a friend, workmate or relative, can register for the third season at


  1. The Twitter experiment was certainly shortlived. Seven must have gotten dreadful feedback about it. I’m rapt that a third series has been announced, it’s a show that is very entertaining. As for Donna and Reade, I think the correct choice was made. I don’t think they performed as well as Artie and Johnnie. I must say I had a huge giggle that Tobie Puttock and Guy Grossi, the two Woolworths chefs, were judging food whose ingredients were all sourced at Coles!! Would you like a side-order of irony with your dinner? LOL

  2. @ salf
    Yes I think you’re right. Maybe I was just hoping for Donna and Reade to win because I like them better than Artie and Johnny. Still don’t think their dishes deserved a 5 though, that’s the sort of score that should be given to a dish that is hardly edible.

  3. @garry, you’ve fallen for a textbook reality show trick, the way the show is edited will always prefer to create a close match situation, no one likes to see a one sided competition.

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