Conspiracy 365: Movie Networks in new drama series

Exclusive: Movie Networks is to produce a new teen action series with a boy who has just 12 months to solve they mystery of his family's secret.

Exclusive: Movie Networks is to produce a new drama series based on the novels Conspiracy 365 by writer Gabrielle Lord.

Part-action thriller, mystery, and romance, Conspiracy 365 is a series of novels for teenagers released as 12 books each titled after the months of a year.

The series has all the signs of a “junior 24.”

Teen fugitive Callum Ormond has been warned that he has just 365 days to solve the truth about his family’s secret.

On New Year’s Eve he is chased down a street by a seemingly crazed man with a deadly warning for him.

“They killed your father. They’re killing me. They’ll kill you. You must survive the next 365 days!” says the tagline.

The fast-moving narrative works as a race against time, with cliff-hangers, mystery, intrigue and danger.

To be produced by Linda Klejus (Blue Heelers) and Ann Darrouzet (Snake Tales, Horace & Tina, Holly’s Heroes), the 12 x 1 hr series will begin filming in June with a lengthy 24 week shoot. Casting is currently underway.

Two of Lord’s previous books became Fortress (1986) and the telemovie Whipping Boy (1996).

The series is tipped to premiere in 2012 on Family Movie Channel.

Publishers Kane Miller have also released a YouTube trailer as part of the marketing for the novels:


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    1. I know your comment was made all the way back in 2012, but I’d like to say they have Australian accents because the TV series is set in Australia as that’s where the book series was set. Gabrielle Lord is an Aussie. As to Cal being Irish, while yes he has Irish background (obviously, it’s where the singularity is) but Cal has lived in Australia with his family his whole life, so yeah haha

  1. I know we shouldn’t really make fun of kids shows because they aren’t meant to be high quality productions, but god this sounds terrible.

    If the trailer is any sign of things to come…

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