ELEVEN adds Neighbours eps to iPhone

ELEVEN is adding Neighbours episodes to its iPhone app as a way of connecting the show to its youthful audience.

ELEVEN is adding Neighbours episodes to its iPhone app as a way of connecting the show to its youthful audience.

It becomes the first full show from the channel available on the app.

Content will be added three hours after it has aired on ELEVEN, so as not to undermine the screening to viewers in Western Australia.

“We think that the content we’ve got is really well placed for a multi-platform perspective,” TEN’s head of digital media, Nick Spooner told The Australian.

“It gives our audience an opportunity to choose when they want to watch and how they want to watch it. It works well for our advertisers as well. It gives them a chance to extend their reach and their engagement with our audience.”

It follows the popularity of the TEN iPhone app which became the number one app in the iTunes store when it launched in January.

“This is part of what we call our ‘three-screen approach’ – broadcast, online and mobile – and it is intended to build viewer engagement with a show and our brand,” Spooner said.

So far Sunrise appears to still be the only Aussie show to have a stand-alone app.

Source: The Australian

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  1. This is particularly smart as a soap requires you to keep up with storylines. So this makes it possible.

    Also, others have pointed out, ‘Neighbours’ is by far the#1 show on digital networks.

  2. I find it funny how people are still So ignorant to what is acceptable in terms of viewership on Digital television. This story is about the Neighbours iPhone app, not how ‘popular’ Neighbours is. So don’t start rambling on about it’s viewership, especially if you are calling it ‘poor’ or ‘dismal’ saying stuff like ‘its still produced for UK’; Neighbours is doing fantastically for a digital channel, topping the board night in night out. Anyone who expects it to do more than what it is needs to get their head fixed! Neighbours is still on the air as it is still a viable export, it ranks well in the 16-38 demographics, regularly beating ACA even after the switch to ELEVEN and because its a Network TEN/ELEVEN tentpole. It deserves to be on air and this new app is a fantastic initiative in my opinion to continue its reach to its audience.

  3. @Goonies – good luck with your, just how many viruses have they found in Android aps lately?

    And yes I have an iPhone 3Gs, not that I’ll ever be using it to watch Neighbours.

  4. I’d say you can jailbreak any electronic device if you are smart enough. Just because it sells the most, doesn’t mean it is the best.

    I just disagree with Apple’s selfish ‘all about them’ philosophy. And they don’t have an awesome little robot for their logo 🙂

  5. @ Goonies iPhone’s are actually the best selling smartphone ever! iOS is a much better format than Android as well by thw way. Plus you can jailbreak iPhone’s (which I have) so you get Any apps for free :).

    @ Pietro that is exactly the reason Neighbours is still on the air.

    And how about Eleven puts The Simpsons on at 6.00 instead of the occassional episode at 7.30 and sometimes 8.30! Its confusing as hell to know when it’s on! They should put Simpsons eps on the iPhone App!

  6. Sunrise isn’t the only Aussie show to have a stand-alone app. ABC have many show specific stand alone iPhone apps, including Poh’s Kitchen, Beached As, Rage and ABC for Kids (which while isn’t a program itself shows selected shows on its iTunes Application).

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