Ex-Socceroo joins World Game panel

Former Socceroo David Zdrilic has joined The World Game on SBS.

The ex-Sydney FC striker will be a Football Analyst joining Les Murray, Craig Foster and David Basheer.

Zdrilic has already featured regularly on SBS’s football coverage, including the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, both as an analyst and host, plus the FIFA World Cup.

“We’ve always taken great pride in developing new football talent and our team of experts is second to none,” says Ken Shipp, Head of Sport at SBS. “David’s pedigree as a Socceroo is fantastic and I think he is a perfect fit for SBS and our audience.”

The World Game airs live 9:30pm Mondays on SBS TWO and is replayed 11:30pm Mondays on SBS ONE.


  1. Was just hosting the Europa League replay on SBS2 – unusual, given Mariana Rudan usually does that.

    BTW, he’s heaps better than Awaritefe

  2. He was contracted to Ten but had a “friendly” relationship with SBS I think, same with Zalac.

    Still can’t believe how they have treated World Football News. Probably would have been more humane to kill it completely instead of this woeful half-arsed effort on a Tuesday night. Disgrace to football fans.

  3. WFN was a great show until L&J started the ten transformation process. At least Zdrila will make the SBS panel a little more tolerable since it has been declining for years

  4. He couldn’t’ve been contracted with Ten, he was a panelist during the 2010 World Cup broadcasts, and he’s been on TWG a few times since then : /

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    Yeah David. Don’t you watch *every* show?

    I used to watch WFN on One but not since they ripped the guts out of it. There seems to have been a general dumbing down of content on One since the board and ownership changes, supplanting analysis with action, presumably in an attempt to broaden the channel’s appeal.

  6. Why no mention of him leaving ONE HD David, where he has been contracted for the last year or so?

    This has come about because of ONE destroying World Football News turning it into a 30 min show, cutting the host and panel, and moving it a day later and to a graveyard time-slot.

    No wonder he left as ONE have lost interest in sport…

  7. Total meh. He seems like a decent guy but rarely offers any genuine critical analysis. Why do these ex-player with nothing to actually say keep getting paid to not say anything? Not just SBS, this is TV-sports industry wide.

  8. David was on ONE HD ‘world football news’ show on 2 weeks ago before the brains @ ten decided to cut the analyst if the show and turn it into a highlights program.
    And yet they aid two more vicball shows to the schedule.

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